Hey, Chloe Paddy Girls... Here is the SCP paddy update!

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  1. I was at SCP Chloe today. Here are the color Paddys they have:
    Whisky, Chocolate, Taupe, Muse (Mouse?) cant remember how to spell that one:huh: , Black, and Anthrasite. And yes, I am the proud new owner the the GEORGEOUS anthrasite. :nuts: How was I suppose to leave without one:wacko: It was calling my name I sware:blink:
  2. ooh nice! metallic or non metallic?
    I'd love to see paddys in person but so far I've only seen one for sale (whiskey at NM minneapolis)
  3. I have the BIG pocket paddy in the mousse. Can't wait to see your anthracite bag! Please post pics! And congratulations! They do call our names...evil bags!
  4. oooohh, I forgot to add, the have the metallic. But I bought the non-met.:nuts:
  5. congrats!
  6. Did they have other styles, like the Edith, Betty, or Kerala?

    And what about those gorgeous platform shoes? Are there any left?
  7. ooooohhh:Push: , Im a newbie to Paddies, Im kind of lost on the above,:wacko: but yes, they had about 3 or 4 other styles in several colors. Very cute too. And yeah, they had some real cute platforms:love:
  8. Oooh, a bit OT but I purchased the new platform sandals at SCP last weekend...

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  9. I can't wait to have a look! I live in LA, so I have to find a day free when I can drive down to SCP. Did you also check out Ron Herman? I think they carry Chloe too - maybe different styles, since the Chloe shop is so nearby.

    Congrats on your new purchase! Post pics!
  10. The two stores are almost across the aisle from one another...last time I was in RH, they had one tan pocket paddy, a few betty bags (and perhaps a silverado or two).
  11. Yep, they had the zippy in cream, and the Chloe that has the large pocket on the frount in whiskey? and cream. That was it.
  12. Wow! thanks for the update! Love, love, love the anthracite!
  13. Any more of the medium pocket paddy bags on display?
  14. Hmmmm....... I dont recall. I would probably just give them a call.
  15. Ranskimmie: I assume you mean the large Zippy in cream? I called that store last week and the S/A was such a beeyotch to me that I wouldn't order from them, but I'm curious!