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  1. So I went to the mall yesterday with my boyfriend, we went into the Macy's. Ofcourse to the COACH section. And I bought this two key chains for only 9.95 each.
    Then today I went to Macys with my mom who just got a Credit Card there and she was going to buy me something so I got a wrislet, it was marked for 48, but the SA told me that there was this sell on the 28th and for the first time they were allowing 20% of coach also. So i said cool, and she said that she would charge it, but I could not pick it up till Wednesday. I said that was fine, so when It came to charging me, the toal was 25 dollard, I told her "so the rest I pay that day?" and she kinda laughed and said "no you paid it all ready" I was freaking out then my Hubby just said " do not complaint when its cheaper" so we left with a receipt that said I should pick up on Wednesday and my name on it. The receipt said you save 25 dollars. But the priced showed origional 48.00 sale 25 minus the 20 percent. So I do not know if it was a mistake or what but that was like 50% off. She also gave me more coupons that are family and friends discount, it states no coach but the lady had told me yes!! So you ladys should go find out cause she said I could buy all coach!! [​IMG]

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  2. Great deals!!! Good for you and those look fab!
  3. congrats on the great buys!!

    F&F is the ONLY time you can get COACH on sale at Macy's...I can't wait!!
  4. Enjoy you purchases!

    F&F is on my to do list:graucho:
  5. Oh I love that wristlet!

    I wonder if the Macy's by my area will be doing the same!
  6. When are the F&F days?
  7. Congrats, fab deal!! Love the peace charm.
    My F&F coupon doesn't exclude Coach and the lady specifically told me Coach is included...
  8. Its when Macy's or basically any other store has discount for Family and Friends. But any body can get it.
  9. Great deals!
  10. Great deals! I wish I was close to a Macy's.
  11. Macy's is great.

    I was able to get a Ergo Belted Leather Hobo (in black) for my mom as a Christmas gift along with a Medium Bleecker Leather Duffle (in ink blue) for myself with the 20% off F&F coupon yesterday. I had to do the same thing where I purchased the items and can then pick them up on Wednesday, but to make sure I got exactly what I wanted, it was worth it. I actually had the Ergo bag on backorder with JAX and cancelled that when I was able to get it at Macy's. :yahoo:

    Now my only question....how practical do you think the ink blue leather duffle will be? I love the crossbody idea and it fit very comfortably. I'm just not sure on the color. I wish they had chocolate. Black is too blah for that bag for me. I loved the green, blue and wine (though they didn't have the wine in stock). I'm just thinking that for casual wear (w/ jeans) the ink blue would be best. And it's such a pretty color that can be used for all seasons. Any thoughts? I think I would question any color choice on that bag b/c they are all so pretty!
  12. Wow. Great deals!! I love the wristlet!!

  13. That color of blue is actually very neutral, I would keep it! I've been eyeing it too, don't worry! I'd love to carry that baby around!!!
    How did you find the bleecker duffle to fit? I am planning on getting the chocolate signature one :smile:
  14. Thanks for the input Candace! :flowers:
    I fell in love with the ink blue in person, but I'm not that crazy about it on the website. Guess I just need to go with my gut feeling!
    It fit nicely and was very comfortable, not at all snug. I'm about 5'8'' and average weight, so I'm not a tiny girl. I was wearing a fleece jacket over a sweatshirt and could probably wear a bigger jacket and still have it fit nicely in the crossbody length. The purse was already set to wear crossbody and was at the longest length. I really like my crossbody purses long (where the top hits just above my hips) and it was great. I did hear that the large duffle has a shorter length though.

  15. wow great deals that you got there!!! Enjoy them ;)