Hey!! Cerises Speedy owners!!

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  1. I am contemplating a cerises speedy myself:graucho: . Could ya please tell me what you love:heart: and dislike :sad: most about this bag? And if you have any pics. of your bag, and your goodies that fit inside, I would be everso greatful:flowers: :tender: Thanks all!!:love:
  2. Hmm..I honestly don't have any dislikes about this bag.
    As for what fits in it, I can fit my daily items: Vernis PTI wallet, small makeup bag, Cerises Round coin purse, a 4-key holder, travel hairbrush, cell, pens, hand sanitizer and a compact and still have a TON of room leftover. It's a great bag!
  3. AWSOME! I was hoping I could fit all of my garb in a 25. I have a 30 which of course is plenty big enough, so Im hoping this will be a good size too. I carry just about the same amount as you. Thanks for your help!:flowers:
  4. I love my Cerise speedy, there really isn't anything I don't like about it. I can fit quite a bit in it and still have room left over.

    Koala Wallet
    Poche Toilette 19 (full of makeup and stuff)
    Cell Phone
    Note Book
    Buisness Card Holder
    Sunglasses with their case

  5. I'm loving a cerises speedy and been thinking of getting one too..! :yes: It's been in my mind for some time and I think I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get it soon... :shame: :P But still saving... :shame:

    I don't think you have to worry with the room of the bag as it's similar to regular speedy 25 and most people don't feel that it can't fit much. I think that this is the perfect size for such cute bag too... :love: The only thing you may worry is perhaps the rubbing off of the cherries but so far not many had complained about it just yet... I just wonder how bad it can be as I DO plan to use my bag for very very long... :shame:
  6. Thank you so much watzerface & I love LV!! Your info. is really helping me out!!
  7. No problem, dear... I got all this info from tPF too..! It's time to contribute back... lol :lol:
  8. You're welcome-I hope you get one!! :tender:
  9. I absolutely LOVE my Cerises speedy! The cherries just make me smile! It can fit my make-up bag, wallet, shades with case, digital camera, cellphone, coin purse, plus it has a pocket inside to put my keys and other little stuff into. I highly recommend getting the bag! It's my all-time favorite bag so far. :smile:
  10. there's nothing i dislike from this bag :yahoo:
    it's gorgeous & i love it a LOTTT!
    maybe what i don't like is that it might rub off SOME DAY, but i'm going to make sure it would not happen in the next few years :P
  11. Is there any ways to kinda "protect" the cherries from rubbing off? Any info on that in the care booklet? :P
  12. I just finally bought one and am waiting for it to arrive.....so I say go for it...it's so cute and smiling cherry faces...what else in the world could you need after that LOL
  13. Don't put it next to or on top of magazines (I think I remember that from the booklet). I'll look tonight when I get home, I think I still have the little booklet it came with.
  14. I recently bought a Cerises Speedy and I absolutely love it!! So far, there is nothing that I dislike about it, it is such a cute bag! And like everyone else mentioned, I can fit everything I need on a daily basis in this bag, no problem. Get one!!!! :yes:
  15. I love my cerises speedy! My only complaint is that I'm used to bigger bags so I sometimes have trouble fitting all of my stuff in it. It's absolutely adorable though!