Hey cc1013 !!!

  1. Did your turq ergo get home yet? Is it perfect? Do you love it? I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Where are you anyway? Too many questions????
    I'm so excited to hear if it arrived and I might have to leave soon, where are you girl???
  2. Sorry I've been MIA Deanie! We listed our house for sale last night and had the unexpected craze of reorganizing b/c the realtor wanted to start showing TODAY! :wtf:

    I did get my hobo last night and absolutely :heart: it! The color is gorgeous. I was a little worried about the strap drop, but it's perfect for me! Same as you though, I suspect it was probably a return. It has a surface scratch on the front, but many of the leather ergos have scratches from what I've seen. I used some Apple on it today and it looks great! I wish they had more bags available in this color! I'm going to try to take pics, but now I need to find where the heck we put our camera! I can't stop staring at the color!
  3. ooh... pictures!!!
  4. :yahoo:I am so glad you finally got your turq home and that you love it! :yahoo:
    Good luck on the sale of your home! Thanks for taking time out to post, I was
    getting worried that you still hadn't received it or that something was wrong
    with it. I have mine where everytime I go into my closet it's the first thing I see. It
    is a beauty! And I still find myself doing this:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  5. Thanks for your good wishes! We'll see what happens with our home. It's not a great market, but we want to upsize and think with rates low, it's a good time. Not having sold before, I had no idea that when we agreed on a realtor and price, showing start immediately!

    I'm so excited about my turquoise hobo. It's just beautiful and so comfy! Plus, I love how Coach designs the inside of their bags very similarly in terms of the inner pockets. It makes switching bags so easy!

    I love the turquoise so much that I called to see if they had any other bags available (I was hoping for a large ergo tote) but they were sold out of everything! We were so lucky to get ours!

  6. cc1013...Congrats on one of the most beautiful ergos!!!
    I hope all goes well with the sale of your home.
  7. Thanks Carley! Everyone here is just so nice. I hope you are having a great weekend!
  8. cc1013...Your welcome! :flowers: I am just staying in this weekend and enjoying everyones new coach!! I hope you are having a great weekend too!