Hey CastoCreations, It's My Birthday, and

  1. for a present, I want the url of that makeloopology tutorial you were going to write! :yahoo:
  2. Bump for Shimma's birthday request!
  3. I was going to write something. ROFL! :smile: Shows you how good my memory is!!!

    Okay...I'll put it on my list of "to do" items. lol I wish my camera could take video with sound...it will take video, but no sound.
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!:tup::okay::p
  5. My computer is much too venerable and dignified to play videos anyway.

    I can't wait for your tutorial, I know it will be a squillion times better than the sorry excuses for them that currently exist. They all suck.

    I will make you a deal. You do a tutorial on loopmakingology, and I will do one on How I Learned to Use My Dollar Store Notepad to Make Tube Beads That Nobody Believes Are Made From a Dollar Store Notepad.

    Thank You Little Sharon! :smile: My birthday was actually back in August, but Casto was busy taking professional pics and preparing to become famous and didn't find out about this thread until recently!
  6. ROFL You are cracking me up!!! And I definitely want to see those dollar store notepad beads. They sound intriguing. :smile:
  7. Shimma: Please post pics of those notebook tube beads!
    I love to make paper beads :smile: & would really enjoy seeing what you made.
  8. Hm. I realized as soon as the words left my fingers that I would have to figure out how in the world to do pics of the things. I don't really have the right equipment situation for it, I'll have to seek help from somebody who does!