hey CANADIANS - Happy Canada Day

  1. hey there PF-ers... who live in CANADA!!!

    i just wanted to say, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!

    i was just looking through my photo albums and i cant believe its been a year ago since i was there!!!!

    CANADA DAY was SO much fun in Vancouver!!!

    Hope you all have an awesome day!!!!

    ***hugs from New Zealand***
  2. Thanks Helen (I'm in the US, but Canada will always be home)!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yes HAPPY CANADA DAY to all of our fabulous Canadian PF'ers, and you ARE fabulous-I've seen your collections:flowers:
  4. Happy Canada Day!
  5. Thank you Helen for starting this thread :love:

    Happy Canada Day to us:flowers:

    P.S : It's one of my dreams to visit NZ - I hope I will one day
  6. happy canada day!
  7. Thanks,
    Happy Canada to the rest of you...
  8. Thanks. Happy Canada Day!
  9. Yes ... Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian PFers!! Hope you're all going out to enjoy the festivities!!
  10. Thanks Helen! And Happy Canada Day to all the other Canadians on here from me, too. Canada flag.GIF
  11. Thanks ! Happy Canada day my fellow cannucks ! :biggrin:
  12. Hehe thanks :biggrin: Happy Canada Day to you all!!!

    I hope it stops raining so that we can have fireworks tonight :biggrin:
  13. thank u
  14. Thank you so much! It's also my anniversary today so there are many reasons to celebrate!
    Happy Canada Day to all of my neighbours as well:flowers:
  15. thanks! happy canada day! :biggrin: