Hey baby, what's your sign?

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  1. Hi all!

    I was just reading Flossie's post in which she asked people to guess which Mulberry bag she just purchased. One of her hints was that she is a Gemini, and this started me wondering... are people of a certain sign more likely to be Mulberry fans? Are certain signs drawn towards particular styles?

    Help me out with this little psychological experiment and let me know your sign and your favourite Mulberry bag.

    I am a Leo and my fav bag is a black Mabel.

  2. Hi Mulberrylondon - How interesting you've picked up on that as we did too a while ago. There's a thread about what we all have in common as Mulberry lovers.
    What came out clearly was that a lot of us are Geminis, drive Mini Coopers & there's quite a few vets!
    It does appear that Geminis & air signs are drawn to Mulberry although all the Geminis here seem to go for different styles.
    I'm eclectic - my collection includes Roxanne, Alana, Soho, Araline, Hanover, Helier & I'm tracking down a red Mabel at this very mo.
    I like the look of Bayswater but it doesn't suit me whereas Flossie, another Gemini, loves them & has quite a few. Flyvetjo is another Gemini & she has Annie & Antonys.

    One thing I think will come across clearly from the Geminis is that their fave bag changes almost every day. I don't have a favourite but today I'm loving Roxanne because I just bought a lemon one (again!).
    Tomorrow it could be Mabel if I manage to get my hands on a red one.
    We're pretty fickle.
  3. Cancerian here my fave is East West Bayswater particularly liked last seasons indigo colour. I've just purchased an Antony but that is more out of a need/want to be hands free when I'm with my niece on days out
  4. Leo, and I love the East-West Bayswater :biggrin:
  5. Scorpio and I love the Mabel bag (all colours) but I have a purple one and a black Annie and a Magenta Hanover.
  6. Taurus and I can't decide!!! Love them all!
  7. I'm an Aries, which is a fire sign (my b-day is this Friday, actually!) I am drawn to the Bayswater (classic, understated) and to the Mabel (and I'd own one if the large didn't have the belt-buckle feature and the regular size was a little bigger!). I am too old/stodgy for the styles with lots of studs on them, also don't like fringe. But I may have liked those better when I was younger, though probably not, really ... I've always been a classic kind of person.

    I'm drawn to classic colors, too - black, oak, chocolate - but also like some brights, especially RED! I would love a true RED Bayswater - the same color as the red Mabel came in! I also like aqua, turquoise, dark blue, some greens, a very few oranges/corals/pinks ... but usually do not like yellow or white.
  8. I'm a sagittarius and my fave style is the bayswayer. I have a black and a tooled in oak, and would like to add an east/west in a lighter colour as well. I love the chic, understated quality of the bays for work, and wouldn't mind one in python also (a girl can dream...)
  9. I'm a Leo,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! And my fave bag,hands down is the Roxy!!!
  10. Scorpio...love the Bayswater.
  11. Im a capricorn. Couldnt pick my favourite bag! Im still loving my choc ledbury, but then I also love the colour oak (as in my rosemary) and my new, lavendar blenheim is just soo cute! Couldnt pin it down to one Im afraid, I like to keep my options open!
  12. Hi,
    Great thread!
    I'm a Libra and my favourite bag is my Lavender Roxy.
    Also have an Oak Roxy.Absolutely my all time fav.bag is the Roxy.
    Have also had Olive Phoebe and Oak Annie but felt they were too small for me.
    Saving for another Roxy but haven't decided whether to go for Choc or Lemon but i LOVE the purple one someone here bought and put up photos.THE most gorgeous bag i have ever seen!
    Love Opai x
  13. Leo and I love Bayswater. And Roxy!
  14. Aquarius (don't seem to be many of us on here), and fave is the mabel, although new and notoriously fickle, so may change on a weekly basis :P
  15. I'm a gemini and my favourite bag changes on a weekly basis :lol: I think I would find it very hard to be parted with my navy pleated Poppy but my coffee Joni is probably the bag I'd miss most as I use it so often.

    Out of the new range, I'm stalking aqua Mabel, seville Jody & marine Milton :drool: