Hey All You tokidoki lovers...How YOUNG are you?


Tokidoki lovers.. How YOUNG are you?

  1. I am under 20

  2. I am 21 to 25

  3. I am 26 to 35

  4. I am 36 to 45

  5. I am over 45

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Seems this subject comes up over and over again. Lets find out what our age demographic is.
  2. Good stuff, I kept meaning to do it so we could answer the "isn't tokidoki for teenagers?" question faster....

    Nice to see you're not lazy like me!
  3. Great idea DreamsofToki! :smile:
  4. Yeah nice idea, I was wondering about this.
    So far Tokidoki is for the 24year-olds if I remember that 'let's get to know each other' thread correctly.
  5. Yeah, I think mid-twenties is probably going to win...

    *raises hand* Meeeee!
  6. And me. :ninja:
    I think if we did an actual age poll, 24 would be the winner.

    (Again, ME. :lol: )
  7. the first one should be 20 and under hehehe... I voted that one but I'm not under 20. I am 20 ;)
  8. Actually, thinking it over...I think we're going to be pretty neck and neck with 26-35.
  9. Yay the 26 to 35 range is growing !!
  10. hehe tie between two w/ 11 each!
  11. 23 right here :smile:
  12. LOL as jenn said, 20 doesn't fit into any category :[

    since i'll be 21 in october (!!!!), i just voted 21-25 haha
  13. heh, i'm with the majority so far.
  14. 20-35 is the toki demographic! ahaha :biggrin:
  15. I'm 20, so i voted for under 20.