Hey all you tall ladies!

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  1. I have the crappiest time with heels because i am tall! And this really sucks because I LOVE HEELS! I love the big heels! I hate the little heels ugh I am 5' 11'' and when i wear any sort of heels I just look awkward because I'm taller than everybody else as it is. Ladies I need your help, how do you deal with loving heels but being too tall for them?:shrugs:
  2. I'm not super tall at 5'8, but I wear sky high heels, and I just ignore that I'm taller than everyone as I think heels on tall girls looks great! Another option is to find a really tall boyfriend ;)
  3. I feel ya! I'm 6'0" and I never wear heels. I feel like an amazon woman in them and I just won't do it.
  4. You are NEVER too tall for heels! :smile: I'm 5'8" and the majority of my shoes are between 4"-5" inches. I can't go any taller than that for fear of breaking an ankle!
  5. I'm 5'11" and I wear heels. Most of my heels are only about 3", nothing amazingly high, but from time to time I'll wear a 4" pair of wedges. I think you've just got to acclimatise to it - I felt really awkward and gawky at first too, but then I got used to it and now I feel fine and don't feel like I stick out like a sore thumb at all (I also don't feel awkward any more when my heels end up making me an inch or two taller than my boyfriend - that used to feel a bit odd but I barely notice it any more).

    Just focus on feeling elegant rather than awkward, and disregard what other people might be thinking. Anyone who judges you for seeming super-tall is simply an narrow-minded idiot, quite frankly! 99.9% of people on the street aren't going to give a moment's thought to your height, and the opinions of random strangers shouldn't stop you from doing what you enjoy anyway. ;)
  6. I am 5'10" and really don't like wearing anything over 3". Anything over that and I just don't feel steady. I don't wear heels alot beause it's just not practical for everyday.
  7. I wish I felt more comfortable in heels when I go out. I'm 5'9/5'10ish, and I'll wear them to formal family events or when I get dressed up for chapter meetings or presentations but I can't get the confidence to wear them to bars/clubs when I'm out with friends and flirting with guys and stuff haha.
  8. I'm 5'11" and my daughter is 6' and we both wear heels. I think the most important thing with being so tall is posture - so shoulders back, head up and away you go.
    Oh, and don't forget; "the higher the heel, the bigger the hair, the closer to God."
  9. ^ I love it!!

    I'm 6 ft tall and I love my heels. I do feel awkward if i haven't worn high heels for a long time. It does take some getting used to and then nothing can stop me. Watch out world here I come!

    Remember one thing tall ladies: most supermodels are your height and they wear high heels most of the time. So there's no such thing as being too tall for heels. It's all in your mind.
  10. I'm 5'9" and I own more heels than flats. I have a number of 5+" heels. I feel tall often but I usually get over it pretty quickly. Plus, the shoe envy everyone has over our shoes makes it worthwhile ;)
  11. Im 5 10", I used to avoid heels because I felt too tall but one day I just gave up. Sometimes my equally tall friend and I will both wear heels togeather so we dont feel and look abnormally tall.
  12. I'm 5'11 almost 6 foot and generally wear 4 inch heels every day at work. I have grown to love the feeling of towering over everyone else (including the men). Considering I'm not a very confident person, it kind of help create the appearance of confidence.
  13. Funny you should say that because that is what I get called ALL the time Ugh!
  14. I love this! All you ladies have definitely gave me the confidence to break out my heels again! :smile: :yahoo:
  15. I love that most of you ladies wear 4-5"+ heels! I am great in heels and honestly, I walk better in heels than I do in my sneakers...is that strange? :biggrin: