hey all i need some help.PLEASE

  1. so i bought my GF this fendi spy bag for her b-day and on the handle there is a small rubber type peice that fell OFF!!! :wtf: i was so pissed. should i send it to fendi to get fixed or take it back, any other suggestions. im asking first because i dont want to wait FORever to get it back.

    photo attached is the peice im talking about. [​IMG]

  2. Do you mean the mirror fell off? I would take it to the place you bought it. I think NM and Saks are good about fixing things like that or refunding you or sending it to Fendi...
  3. ya. i guess it could be called that. its the clear piece that says fendi.
  4. yeah,take it to a fendi store where u bought it,i'm sure they will be able to help u...
  5. That happened to one of mine, but I bought it from Jomashop online, so I am not going to return it (and they probably wouldn't take it). I slapped the piece back on and it stayed put - 'then', I saw that I put it on upside down, so know everyone will think it's a fake!:roflmfao:

    I don't want to pry it off and replace it again, in case I can't get it to stay on.
  6. Ya the probelm is that she lost the little peice.. must have fallen off while in travel.
  7. LOL I wouldn't worry about that. It is a very believable story. And I am sure if someone wanted to examine your bag they would find everything else to be consistent with that of an authentic spy. :yes:
  8. If you/her REALLY want it back on perhaps you could send it to fendi if they say they can put it back on for you? If not its a small part of the bag..not a major eye-catching flaw so maybe she could live with it!:smile: