hey all, here my 2 Burberry Prorsum coat

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  1. hi to all, i just started on and no bags for men that i like. But i LOVE the Burberry Prorsum RTW and i bought 2 coat ..:yahoo:

    thxs is the 1st one..ORIGINAL $1995 ...SALE $399



  2. here the red one that i love tooo

    ORIGNAL $2150...SALE $469



  3. :faint: love them!
    Could that coat fit any more perfectly!
    Did you have it tailored?
  4. WOW!! You're going to get arrested looking so good in that black coat like that! :police:
  5. ooppps... wrong pics... here the right pic..

  6. It's as if the coats were made just for you! STUNNING!! :sweatdrop:
  7. love the coats! crazy deals!!!
  8. thxs for the kind words..:sweatdrop:

    i did not do any alteration and it was the last one on the rack at the 5th ave store..;)
  9. Love the coats! Great pick and colors are perfect!
  10. AMAZING deals! The coats look great!
  11. u r so sweet.... hugs n kisses ot ya:heart::heart:
  12. Love both of them!!!
  13. Amazing fit!:tup: You pull off both really well!
    Burberry makes the most beautiful coats! All my favorite coats are from Burberry!:love:
  14. OMG what fabulous steals! And you look fantastic in them :tup:
  15. It fits you so well!