Hey Agenda gals - found another pen to use!!

  1. Since I refuse to spend $230 for an LV pen (silly, what can I say:roflmfao: ) - and although the suggestions here were great - I still wanted to find an orange pen to go with the Mono Koala Agenda I bought with the mandarin lining! Well success - found this pen - its tiny think and its 4" in length. Its actually made as a stylus for a PDA but its also a regular black ink pen! Found it on ebay and I believe they have other colors as well:

    eBay: NEW CROSS MICRO PEN/ RETRACTABLE PDA STYLUS-ORANGE (item 320016749072 end time Sep-11-06 07:22:59 PDT)
  2. Thanks for sharing Loriw,how do you like it?
  3. awesome thanks for sharing.
  4. I just ordered it so I'll let you know when it arrives!
  5. Great find!
  6. I have another tip: if you live near Asian stationery stores in the US, they usually have the small pens that can fit in the agenda because so many women (esp in Japan) have LV and other designer items that need refills, pens, etc. These places even have refills that fit PERFECTLY in the mini agendas with cute patters like puppies and cats! Save some $$$, and try these places first if you aren't super picky about what goes in your agendas!
  7. Great tips! Please let us know how you like the Cross pen when it arrives.

    I'm finding I don't like the Zebra pocket pen I bought for my small ring agenda because I find it difficult to push the pen into the little loop without pushing the button on the end that exposes the tip--I'm always afraid I will accidentally expose the tip and get ink on the mandarin lining!:sad:
  8. This is a great tip. Is it the exact width of a stylus though? Are you sure it isn't too thin to stay in the pen loop? That would be a great alternative to the Nails agenda pen!
  9. I know what you mean. I've got a Daytimer Zebra pen and I don't find it very user friendly. I recently ordered a Walkie pen from Nieman Marcus, and while I like it better than the Zebra, I'm still looking for the perfect pen. Others have had luck with a Lamy Spirit pen. I may try one of those next.
  10. Ooooo oooo ooo, I have this pen. I love it. I say order it and get some refills as it is a short pen with a small supply of ink. I don't think CROSS makes it anymore. It fits very well in the small agenda.

    Take a peek:

  11. oh fab! Its pefect - can't wait to get it!!!!
  12. Nice. You will love it. It's cheap, writes well, and quite solid! I'm glad this thread came up! I happen to need some refills. :P
  13. thanks for sharing loriw, i've been looking for one for my mandarine agenda! =)
  14. Yes !!! I love the refill paper, I have so much of it. :sweatdrop:

    (now I just need an agenda !)
  15. Wow, that is a great little pen. I actually have a compatable PDA and I think I will get one of those, that way I don't have to have a loose pen in my bag.