Hey Admat97...have a question!! Legacy Thompson patchwork

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  1. Hey there! I know you ordered the metallic Legacy Thompson patchwork bag, and it looked crummy IRL. Just wanted to know if you had the chance to see the matching wallet and if it also looks crummy/cheap???

    I'm asking because I'm about to order that for my platinum Bridgit because nothing else I've found is even close. Problem is I can't find anything with the right tone unless I get a wallet with gold hardware. I held the Bridgit up to the Thompson patchwork shoes, and it wasn't too bad (although the silver leather is more silver than the bag). I didn't think the shoes looked that bad either. But the wallet is $268, so I don't want to buy it and deal with the return hassle if it's going to look like crap.

    What do you think?? You have the plat Bridgit, right?? What wallet do you use??

    Of course I should also say I'm about to buy the walnut Bridgit. So maybe I should just not waste the expense here and get the Legacy accordion wallet for that instead. Confused!! :confused1:

    If anyone else that has this wallet or has seen it IRL, please feel free to chime inhere as well!! Thanks everyone!!
  2. Hey Baglady! I haven't seen the wallet IRL. I think on a small item it would be really cute. That was just too much bag to support that pattern. I don't use a wallet for my Bridgit. I just use one of the zip compartments for my cards and cash. IMO...I wouldn't waste the money to buy a wallet just to match Bridgit. Put that $270 towards something else that you really want!
  3. Thanks Admat97! Yeah, you're right...it's a lot to waste on a wallet I will probably only use for one bag. I do use a wallet with my Bridgit, and I've been using the oxford stripe french purse (which doesn't go at all). I might poke around the outlet and get something cheap with nickel hardware.
  4. I use a mini skinny in my Bridget!
  5. The first time I wore my Bridgit, I used a French Purse. The next 2 times I used a slim wristlet.

    Just use a wallet you already own. I wouldn't buy a $300 wallet just to use in a $500 bag. Now if you can justify using the wallet in other bags as well, then I say go for it!
  6. I agree with the others. Bridgit doesn't really need a wallet . . . some are just too thick . . . I personally like using my card case for cards and cash . . . she has her own coin purse! Perhaps a mini skinny . . . let patience have her perfect work . . . something will show up!
  7. I agree with everyone as well.....I wouldn't spend that much money on a wallet to use for 1 bag.
  8. I agree with everyone too. I just tried finding something on ebay that you could use. I am kind of in the same predicament with my new camel ergo. Every coach bag I own pretty much is black or various colors but no brown, not even brown sig ! So now I need something to go with my ergo (other post) Maybe if you found something in in a wristlet like magenta or teal that would look nice with the platinum but not be to matchy, IDK that is what I am going to do I think.
  9. Thank you everyone for talking me out of this purchase! I'm so glad I did not order it and have to deal with a return., because I'm positive I would have returned it once it arrived! I totally agree that buying a wallet for one bag is crazy, especially at that price. I don't know what I was thinking!!

    I would rather put the money on a bag...and I DID!!! :graucho: They had a couple of walnut Bridgits in stock at my local store, so I just went out and bought one!! It's ALMOST a wallet, right, lol! I'm much happier with this purchase than the wallet.

    YES, I have a serious Bridgit fixation, have you guys noticed?? :P

    I promise the next time I post a new purchase, it won't be for another Bridgit, lol!
  10. I saw a wallet that matches the metallic Bridgit on the Japan site today - go there and get the # and call JaX - they often can order stuff from that site.

  11. Thanks, but unfortunately it has brass hardware...that's the problem! I even called JAX and had someone do an in depth search to find one that matched, and right now there's nothing. You have no idea what I went through to even get the replacement logo snap head that was missing from my bag. The store had to get another bag and then send me the disk...they have no replacement parts for the nickel, and no Legacy accessories to match the bag other than the Thompson patchwork, which really doesn't have the same hardware either. The leather is also more silver than the Bridgit. The Bridgit really does have a platinum or white gold tone...it's silver against gold, and looks gold against silver. I'm having a heck of a time even with shoes! I may end up getting the Thompson patchwork shoes, but I decided to pass on the wallet and just buy another Bridgit, since the wallet was so expensive!