Hexagon Screws on 15X series reissue?

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  1. Please help! I purchased a 15xxxxxx series red reissue with RH off an online consignment shop (one with outstandingly very reputable reviews). Upon receiving it, I noticed that the screws on the back of the mademoiselle turn lock look different than what I thought they were supposed to look. Rather than a flat head screw, they have a starburst/hexagon shape. I read somewhere that Chanel began using these different screw heads in 2008, but I have never seen this before. All other aspects of the bag look great- I have another reissue so I am able to directly compare...

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of this? PLEASE HELP!!

    Here is a picture for reference...

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  2. sorry, I'm bumping this post for any input from you guys and gals at all. Has anyone seen this type of screw before?
  3. I'd recommend you put this in authentication thread following the format to be safe
  4. Yes, I have seen these shaped screws. I don't actually own a bag myself with these screws, but I have seen them more recently on some of the Boy Bags that also have this distressed hardware finish....but I agree with the others, post it on the authenticate this thread just to be sure :smile: