hetic week so i picke dup a small treat from coach

  1. so i had been admiring the bleacker leather wristlets for awhile especially the blue one as blue and white is my favorite color .. so over this past week i had to go to coach store outlet to bring in my retro glove tanned portfolio to be fixed and instead of them sending it in for repairs i got a new one right off the shelf only difference is the leather feels much more thicker and has the stamp of coach on front which oddly enough i find very cute as my last one just had coach stamped in the inside .. well today before work in the library on campus i stopped by coach full price store to just browse around.... as the outlet had scribble items out and i wanted to see what other spring stuff was there and maybe se eteh lipgloss in person well lip gloss is not at my store so oh well but i saw the bleecker wristlets and i flet them and really loved them so i bought the one in black and i must say i was very much liking coach leather when i bought my portfolio a year ago but this wristlet has really turned me over the cliff into i am now a coach leather person ... the signature is alright for in small doses for shoes and my sunglasses but as for my bags i am all about the leather i just luv this bleecker leather to bad the bleecker leather purses do not really suite my style although i have always been partial to the legacy .... now if any can please suggest a nice light weight leather coach purse that has the feel of my bleecker wristlet and another question of mine is on my zip portfolio price tag it says "emb leather zip portfolio" so does the "emb" stand for embossed?
    and on a side not can i just say that i love the tattersall shopping bag and i feel as though i want to use it as a tote is that bad to say ?

    here is my latest love bleecker wrislet retails for $58 with tax i paid $63 so depending where u are just have $65 to be safe


  2. Not trying to be rude, but I can't read that...I'm not even sure some of those were sentences.
  3. Proof-reading is your friend!:yes:
  4. am so sorry about that was having problems with uploading the picture and i do not understand what happened but i just edited the paragraph i apologize
  5. Not being rude, but it seems like one run-on sentence. You might want to make some paragraphs to break it up. Pics are always a plus. :tup:
  6. As long as it can be read,(which it can) I don't think it matters whether someone uses correct sentence form or not.....

    BTW signcoachboi your pics arn't showing.
  7. Yes I agree..I you can't read it just leave the thread...It's not nice to comment on someones writing...
  8. no pictures!!
  9. Yup I second that! OP, you might want to try reattaching your pictures as it didn't work the first time. I want to see what you got! :yes:
  10. No i was trying to read it...i thought "maybe english isn't their first language?" I wasn't trying to be rude or mean. Just saying that it wasn't easily readable and if she wanted some assistance from us, then try to make it readable.

    The editing helped A LOT...and still no pictures...maybe try emailing one of us for help if you need it!! :smile: I can't wait to see what you got :biggrin:
  11. I love the whole bleecker line, there's the large flap, the duffle, zip tops in medium, small flap bags...maybe there is one that would fit into your style. Check them all out. They have such cute tattersall lining.:love:
  12. Can't see the pictures, can you repost them?

  13. "HE"
  14. That's nice! I know what it's like to change your coach preferences around, fortunately there are so many options! It's nice that they just gave you new gloves, rather than you having to pick up your old ones etc!
  15. Congrats on your new wristlet :smile:

    EMB does mean embossed :yes: