Hester van Eeghen

  1. Her work looks beautiful - unfortunately, I can only admire it online.
  2. I caught the link to the article that you posted - and followed the trail to this designer... Thank you so much for posting.

    Her work is amazing - I love the bright colors and sharp designs.

    I have been hunting down stockists in the US - I found a site called Purseaholic which have a few... I adore this bright red purse. And the felucca is also really cool (I think)

    I hope our friends in the Netherlands can give us more info.
  3. I found out about Hester van Eeghen from the Purse Forum. In addition to Pursaholic (which is a wonderful site and from which I did buy an HvE), the Museum of Modern Art website also has some HvE wallents - www.moma.org
  4. treesrgreen, I agree with you - that felucca looks cool. Also love the look of the Accolade briefcase.