Hesitant to buy more Marc Jacobs

  1. Does anyone feel the same way? It seems like all the bags that I want always end up going on sale. The perfect example would be my Alfred bag. It cost a lot when I got it but I ended up seeing it at Neiman's under a pile of sale items a few months later. Same with the stone clutch from last season. I was considering getting it but the price turned me off. Two weeks ago, I saw it under another sale pile at Neiman's. Those two experiences have made me very hesitant to buy any more collection bags at full price because I kind of feel foolish. It seems like the only "safe" items that don't go on sale are the classic designs like Venetia.
  2. I'm reluctant to buy more Marc Jacobs, though not for the same reason. I purchased the soft calf skin classic hobo a couple of years ago, & though I still like it, found the hardware to be a bit too heavy. A flap bag (don't recall the style's name) that I found in berry appears to be a classic, and I happened to get it at a discount price at Sac's 5th Ave outlet. So I do understand why you're hesitant.
  3. Why would an item going on sale or being marked down cause you to reconsider buying a brand? Most items get marked down at the end of the season - it just depends on what's left whether or not you'll find the bag you want on sale. And it's not just Ltd Ed styles and/or special bags that get marked down. Nordstroms had several Venetias and Stams on sale. It's usually the seasonal colors that get marked down (basic black and/or ivory usually stay full price).

    If there were a bag I really wanted and I could afford it, I would buy it at full price to make sure I got the style/color that I wanted & it didn't disappear before markdowns. Unfortunately, I usually can't afford bags at full price, so I wait for the sales & take my chances. Sometimes the bags I like are still available and sometimes they're not.

    If you don't want to wait for a bag to go on sale, there are plenty of places that sell at MJ that offer discount codes. Then you could get a bag you want for a lower price w/o having to wait for the sales. I don't understand why you would stop buying a certain brand just because they eventually go on sale. Are you worried about resale value and/or depreciation?
  4. No. I guess I just phrased it badly. I'm hesitant to buy at full price because if it goes on sale later on, I can't help but feel like it was a bad decision and that I should have held off.
  5. I can understand what you're saying Archipelago. I know tPF member lovekoobabags recently put in her signature something about not buying any bags all year long in 2008, but instead waiting until the sales start again next Nov./Dec. LOL! She's probably right.

    As for myself, I feel this way with first cut sales. Several times I've gotten a bag because I didn't want to take the chance that it will be gone quickly only to see it get marked down more weeks later. It irritates me to know I could have gotten it at a cheaper price. :push:
  6. I understand what you are saying.
    When I buy a bag at full price, but if I see my bag is on sale, I can't help thinking about the money that I paid more..

    So, sometimes, I feel like buying LV would be more comfortable because they never go on sale, so if I can get the latest design from LV early, it would be better and I don't need to worry about any sale.

    But...how come the MJ bags that I am eyeing on are not on sale at all.......
  7. It depends. Sometimes you can really get unlucky and you will regret it if you can't find the bag that you love on sale later on. I guess for unpopular style or color, there's a high chance that you will still be able to find them on sale later. I just don't like having regret, so it's safer to buy the ones that you love early.
  8. You'll never know for sure that the bag you really want (in the color you really like it) will go on sale, so if I find myself in love with a bag, I don't wait till the sales ...
  9. ^^^ITA! :yes:
  10. I always get my bags on sale. I usually wait for the 2nd or last cut. This year, I decided to get the venetia and a blake at first cut, because I usually can't find those styles during the 2nd or last cut.

    I think it depends on one's financial situation, how much you like the bag and how much use you'll get out of it.
  11. I always get my bags secondhand or on sale. I cannot under any circumstances afford to pay retail, so I wait it out. If I could afford retail, I'd probably wait it out, anyway, because like you said, everything goes on sale eventually! Well...almost everything.

    I try to never pay retail for anything, though, if I can help it! There are so many ways to get discounts, whether it's a sale, an online coupon, secondhand through eBay, etc.
  12. I hate to say it but the Venetia's aren't safe from mark-downs; which is good for me as I got one heavily marked down.
  13. ^---Good to know. Now I can afford a Venetia.
  14. i know how you feel about the bags going on sale, it kind of drives me nuts too. but sometimes if it's a "must have" bag, i'll give into knowing that it might be heavily discounted later on. So, only if it's a "must have" bag for me otherwise i'll be willing to wait. good luck in the future, mj bags are hard to resist.