Hesitant about wearing my FIRST PAIR of Louboutin's out of the house.......

  1. Okay well, as some of you may know I just recently purchased the decollete's in camel and i've been finding so many things to wear it with..only problem is...i read that thread about the Red coming of of the sole and i didn't realize it when i bought the shoe but anyway...my point is....Do most of you wear your CL's only on a special occasion? only indoors? not to go clubbing in or to go to bars? lol..dumb question but I was wondering how often do you wear your CL's and is it recommended to use for everyday/3 times a week ? LOL. I know it's a really expensive shoe and I'm sure the quality is great but since these are my only pair I don't know if i should "ration" their use....

    thanks for any help for my million questions lol
  2. It hurts to see the red peel off, but after the first wear, you get over it. I wear my simple pumps every other day to work. As for the nicer shoes, I don't really wear em out to clubs/bars because I get really careless later on at nightlol. Once I did and I was not able to recognize them the next morning. My friends tend to spill drinks all over the place. You should try to break em in first. When I bought my decolletes, I tried em on around the house just to be sure, 20 minutes later, my toes were numb so I figured that these shoes were not meant for me. Anyways, good luck with your camel decolletes!
  3. I have a confession: I've doctored the soles with a red permanent marker on occasion ...

    However, I'm only careful about my suede CLs in the Wisconsin winters. I've found that the quality you pay for is in every detail. For example, I thought I scuffed my black suede VPs, and my bf showed me that if you *wipe* the suede in the opposite direction, it almost magically regenerates itself to almost brand new. Does that make any sense?

    You'll get over losing the red on the bottom soles. For me, it's the underside of the arch and the heel shaft that I'm careful with.
  4. I wear mine any chance I can get:yahoo:
  5. Armanigirl - wear them! No one can see the bottom of the sole anyway so it doesn't matter. But if you are concerned about preserving the red sole (like I am), a few cobblers now have red rubber soles for your CLs!
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  6. ^^ITA! Don't let the red mess with your head(sorry had to say it...lol). I didn't think twice when I bought my first pair of CLs. I wear them way too much. Enjoy em. That is what you bought em for;)
  7. Wear them and look fab! you will love every step you take in them! I am only careful about the underside of the arch and the heel shaft as legaldiva pointed out. Those stay red and that is all people see so wear them and enjoy the them!
  8. simple, just stick those grips. They cost like $3..and they preserve the reds perfectly..I peel them off on special occassions like weddings etc..but on normal days like brunch or dinners, i stick them on..buy a whole bunch they're disposable!!:tup:
  9. I tried to preserve my red soles with foot petals and only made it worse and sticky. So I peeled them off and just wear them without thinking too much about it!
  10. I wear them without any concern of getting the red sole scuffed up. I like knowing I put some life into the shoe. There are ways to preserve them if you want to protect the redness.
  11. hi,
    what are the shoe grips and foot petals? i'm a bit confused...u guys are talking about the bottom of the shoe rite? any1 have pix to the shoe grips and foot petals or links so I can see how they look like?? i'm another one who's a bit afraid to wear mine too....got 2 pairs at home and they're still in the nice CL boxes.
  12. Take the plunge girl! Shoes are meant to be worn...
  13. Haha Thank You Ladies!! I Think I Will Wear Mines Tonight.! I'm Glad To Hear That You Guys Wear Yours Just Like Any Other Shoe And Don't Just Bust Them Out On Special Occasions. Coz Honestly I Really Wanted To Wear Mines All The Time [: Then I Would Have Another Excuse To Buy Another Pair !!! =) Thank You Again Ladies !!
  14. I wear mine to work all the time. Enjoy them!
  15. Good for you armanigirl! Wear them and wear them a lot. Especially the patent. I think yours are patent right? Those are so easy to clean and care for. They really don't need to be babied. Cared for and loved yes, babied no. Sometime I wish I had MORE opportunities to wear my shoes. They are so beautiful I want to show them off, I just don't always feel I have the appropriate place to wear them.