He's wearing a wedding ring..

  1. I saw this pic too & noticed that too, I wouldn't think anything of it
  2. I confess. We eloped over the weekend. :roflmfao:
  3. Is it for a film?
  4. HaHaHa! Lucky!!
  5. Sure hope it is for the film.
  6. hmmn...
    Don't know if its for a film?
    the comment from People online says he's at home in Malibu?
  7. hmmm. i have a right-hand ring that i switch around to my left hand a few times a day because sometimes my right hand swells and it's already a tiny bit bigger than the left, so maybe it's something mundane like that?
  8. That's funny. Will you two be compulsively working out & honeymooning in the trailer?
  9. More like "compulsively working out" IN the trailer!
  10. I hear he stays at a trailer park?
    Seem with all the money he makes he would stay somewhere else?
  11. :love: is it wrong that I am married but would love to touch his chest :shame:
  12. Yes while he plays bongos naked also.
  13. Oh! Good to know!:nuts:
  14. His hands are so... big.... :weird: