He's shopping now! Antique engagement ring ideas please!

  1. Hi ladies,
    So SO has told me to start sending him ideas. :love:

    Here is what I'm thinking so far:
    - antique styles
    - cushion cut, most likely, though pear and asscher cut can be amazing
    - pink sapphires or colored diamonds
    - 2 carat stone if it's pink sapphire
    - probably white gold
    - under $5000

    We're both in grad school now so I want to be cognizant of costs and saving money for the future (I can always upgrade like swanky momma of three right?)
    Any suggestions for websites or stores with reasonable or good prices for antique enagement rings? Is it more cost-effective to buy the stone and ring separately?

    I've started perusing these few.






    Thanks for looking!
  2. Fay Cullen has some amazing pieces, but a lot of those websites are pricey for what you get; i.e. Leon, Fay, etc. . . .
    But they're GREAT to get ideas from!:yes:
    I'd start w/ the stone and go from there unless you hope to stumble across an antique that ready to go.
    Also, to save on costs adn get a better stone, is it possible to find the stone you love now and upgrade it to a slightly better setting just before the wedding? This way you don't have to save up for a stone & setting at once, you can buy a better stone and save up for a better setting.
    We did this w/ my uipgrade, not to save $ but because I didn't know which setting I wanted. My new stone is in a basic setting for now and I'm actually liking that better than I thought!
  3. Mine has an antique look and its cushion cut...I have a new lap top and my pics are not on here any more but I think there is a pic floating around on the pf somewhere...let me see if I can find it. Just for ideas...:smile:
  4. ^Gorgeous ring, sunshine!
  5. I think you've listed some really great websites as a starting point for more antiquey-looking rings. Have you thought about working with a custom designer? And, if you can, you should check out Pricescope. For cushions, they really recommend Mark at Engagement Rings Direct.

    I've attached a picture of mine...it's based on a picture of an antique ring that I had saved for years (my FI had it custom made). My wedding band (not getting married until October) is also in the picture.
    Picture 484.jpg
  6. congrats first off!!!
    ill post of pic of mine too...its not a cusion cut but just to give you an idea. its a yellow sapphire and diamond halo setting. its 18k white gold. the designer is Verragio, they make some really beautiful jewelry. these arnt the best pictures but i hope they help!
    ring 2.jpg ting 3.jpg ring 1.jpg
  7. Thank you for all the pictures - you have some awesome rings. Courtneyh, I love the profile view of your ring.

    I'll poke around pricescope. Well, my friend said his sister may be able to get discounts on sapphires or colored diamonds so I'll continue looking.

    I also came across http://www.cherrypicked.com. Anyone have experience with that sight?
  8. thanks...have you checked any of your local jewelers?? that way you can look and see what they have and alway have someone custom make a ring??

  9. I've heard of it and looked, but never bought. They seem reputable. Also, if you like sapphires, there is the Natural Sapphire Company online too.