He's mine!!!

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  1. I've been scouring ebay for Mr. Turtle for quite some time now and I've only seen one seller sell him and she was asking an outrageous price BIN $65.00??? :cursing: So needless to say I was so happy when I finally found a couple sellers selling him tonight for more reasonable prices. Needless to say...errr...I bought him :sweatdrop:. Shhhhh don't tell DH or Mr. Snail (he still thinks he's the latest and greatest). :lol: Can't wait to get him, below is a picture taken from seller's page.
  2. Aw he's so cute! I love the animal keychains!!
  3. cute! how much did you get him for?
  4. I got him for $38.00 + free shipping which I think is a pretty good deal! I know I can prob. get him at outlets for 9.99$ but there isnt any outlets in AZ and by the time I get to Vegas this summer, who knows if the outlets there will have him. I really wanted him, so that justified it!
  5. BTW: Here's a picture of my Mr.Snail on my Pear leather hobo, I think he looks so adorable! :love: Plus he's gotten along great with all of all the other animals in the collection! ;)
  6. YAY! I just got mister turtle too from my outlet :smile: and if it makes you feel better Mr. Turtle was $24 at the outlet, not $9.99 yet! Your snail looks adorable on your pear purse too!
  7. Aww thanks TygerKitty, that does make me feel better! :yes: I can't wait until I get him! Where/how are you planning on using yours?
  8. I just got Mr. Turtle last week (called JAX and got the last one - $38 + shipping). Another TPF member told me they still had a couple left, so I grabbed him :love:
    I think he will look really nice on my Turquoise Ergo Hobo.

    MsAmie - I also love your Elephant and your new Snail :heart:
  9. yay i am so happy you finally got him!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. You are the queen of keyfobs, Amie! :queen:

    Congrats! He is so cute! the turtle is on my list too!
  11. that turtle is cute. Congrats!

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Congrats on your find!!
  13. Congrats, so cute!
  14. I love Mr. Turtle! He's the only animal keyfob I've ever bought and I just love his vibrant colors.
  15. Mr. Turtle is adorable! I'm sure he and Mr. Snail will become BFFs when he arrives :smile: