He's home and I have some goodies pics!

  1. DH finally got home this morning and his bag was located and flown back from MIAMI (where it had a nice little overnight vacation) and delivered late this afternoon. I also picked up my shoes from the office (they were delivered yesterday but I got the notice after the office closed).

    My shoes:
    shoesup.jpg shoesup2.jpg shoeside.jpg
  2. Ooh those shoes are too cute! Congrats on bringing home your new shoes and your hubby!
  3. Those are the first Coach shoes that I've ever seen that I want! Sooo cute.
  4. Yay for hubby getting home! I'm so happy for you! Plus you got some cute shoes!
  5. And for my VDay present:
    Hmm...familiar box....
  6. Hmm...looks interesting when opened....
  7. Cute shoes! And congrats on your husband being home!!
  8. yyyaaayyy tanukiki your hubby is home!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  9. I'm happy your husband is home with you! sorry, I got carried away when I saw your shoes (are they of the bleecker line?) and forgot to mention your hubby's return.:shame:
  10. Yes! Just what I wanted. He was so proud of himself for getting it and I love it! It's SO pink and Coach.
    umbrella2.jpg umbrella.jpg
  11. So glad to hear that your DH is home safe and sound! That umbrella is adorable, the perfect accessory for a rainy day!
  12. awwww I love everything what a sweet hubby!!! did you give me a big kiss and hug???
  13. What nice gifts he gave to you! Well if I happen to see a cute little lady with those shoes and that umbrella out on a rainy day I'll shout, Hey, Tanukiki! Is that you? :woohoo:
  14. I LOVE those shoes!!! And the umbrella is adorable!! I bet your soooo happy that he's home!!!:heart:
  15. 'KIKI... YAY HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    And I love LOVE LOVE your new shoes and umbrella!!!