He's here a day early!

  1. Look at the FedEx man dropped off today and a day early to boot! I've also included a picture of him and my recent acquisition, Froggie. Aren't they so cute? I can't wait for Mr. Lion to arrive via eBay. :love::love::love:
    MrElephant.jpg Newbies.jpg
  2. Ahhh cute... totally love your keyfobs! That elephant one is so adorable! :yes:
  3. Isn't he? DH looked at him and was like "I want one!" At first I thought he was joking but I think that some of the keychains are unisex--especially the animal ones so I don't think it would be weird for him to use it, would it? I am thinking of either getting him the monkey or the lion one to use. I think it would cute!
  4. So cute!!! I love mine so much! I am getting on of the lions off eBay and I was outbid on a monkey earlier by $1.. but I will get one of them!!

    I am determined to have all the animals, LOL
  5. Cute!
  6. I love it! You guys are making me so impatient to get my elephant, lol! The frog is so cute too! Is he patent leather?
  7. Congrats, TOOOO cute!
  8. Yes, he's patent leather! :love:
  9. They are super cute!
  10. So Cute! Congrats!
  11. They are so adorable!!!
  12. Yay!!! So cute! Congrats
  13. Cute!! It's so exciting that everyones deliveries came today!!!
  14. OH these are sooooooooo cute!!! My fav is the froggie, love it!!!
  15. Today is a good day for Coachies expecting delivery! hehehe