He's finally here!

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  1. Hi ladies

    Just letting you know that my baby FINALY came - 14 days overdue and not at all according to my birth plan!

    I was meant to be induced at 8:30am on Tuesday 8th, but I had contractions all through the night. When I got in to the hospital I was already 4cm dilated so didn't need an induction!:yahoo:

    I used gas and air for 12 hours, getting up to 8cm dilated, but the pain was incredible, and completely different to my other two births so I had an epidural. Around 12pm I was 10cm and was pushing for an hour. They checked me and said that there was no way the baby was going to fit, and it was in distress with the heart rate slowing way down during contractions and taking far too long to recover.

    So, my little boy arrived via emergency cesarean on Wednesday 9th at 1:50am, weighing a whopping 11lbs 14oz! :shocked:

    We came home on Friday, and are both doing very well. He's an absolute angel! :love:

    Still undecided on his name, we can't decide between Cai or Finley - any suggestions?

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  2. Congrats!!
    Finley is an interesting name..I'm bad at this stuff, it took me a while to decide on my son's name.
    OMG. 11lbs 14oz!!!!! How the f did you manage to carry him around? I don't think mine is that big now,and he's five weeks!! Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
  3. OMG! He's huge perfect baby!!!:love: Would love to see more pics when you have time, he's just beautiful!

    Love both names, can't help! LOL! Maybe would lean towards Finley though:heart:
    What does he look like, a Finley or a Cai?
  4. What a gorgeous baby, congratulations !
  5. what an adorable little boy!! and wow, almost 12 lbs too, that is a heavy little guy, was your pregnancy hard towards the end? would you mind if i asked how much weight you gained during it? i'm 5 months along myself and would love reading any new experiences or advice of moms. congratulations to you on such a darling boy!
  6. Ohhh he is beautiful!!!!!:girlsigh:Congrats! I really love the name Finley, what a cute and unique name!
  7. awww!!! He's soooooooo cute!!!! and BIG too!!!

    Congrats on the arrival of your baby boy.. his lil chin is soooo cute!!! :love:
  8. wow! congrats! I love Finlay cause i think Fin is a cute shortening. xx
  9. very cute, congrats!
  10. He is absolutely precious!
  11. Congratulations, he is adorable! Sorry to hear you had such an unexpected birthing plan but so glad to hear you are doing very well.

    As for names, I like Cai. I'm biased though because my niece has the same name but spelt Khai.

    Keep us posted on what you decide!
  12. He's a beauty. Congratulations.:flowers:
  13. He is sooo cute! Look at those adorable cheeks!!! I'm so impressed w/ his weight! Were your other babies as big as he?

    Congratulations!!!!! :biggrin:
  14. Congratulations on the birth of your son. He is so cute. I can't believe that he was almost 12 lbs. My son is 5 months old and he's just 12 lbs.

    As for names, I say name him Finley.
  15. Such cutie patootie chubsy ubsy!!
    Biggest congrats! (no pun intended..LOL)
    I like the name Cai!