Herve Leger vs Pleasure Doing Business vs BCBG vs etc

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  1. With the bandage craze going on, it looks like lots and lots of brands have this style in their collection:

    1. The original:Herve Leger
    2. Pleasure Doing Business
    3. BCBG, who acquired the Herve Leger line and create their own line of cheaper bandage items
    4. Express
    5. Bebe
    6. Etc....

    This forum is to post pictures and compare bandage dresses/skirts.

    Let's face it, Herve Leger is very expensive and there may be copies out there that may be worth knowing about....
  2. Very interested......can't wait tosee comparison pics!
  3. I have tried the BCBG bandage dresses - they've got nothin' on HL (^(oo)^)v

    normally knockoffs really bother me, but I actually kind of like the proliferation of bandage-style dresses . . . IME, only HL actually has the magical figure-molding properties, but if there are lots of other ppl wearing other kinds of bandage dresses that don't have figure-molding properties, maybe the casual observer will just assume that my figure while wearing HL is how my figure actually looks all the time! (^(oo)^)
  4. LOL Piggy I love how you think!
  5. Yes, if you've ever felt or worn an HL dress, you know that there is no comparison. However, I really like the bandage-style and see nothing wrong with other designers making similar designs. I have 2 HL's and tried on the Bebe version once. I didn't buy it, but it really wasn't bad:smile:
  6. I have not tried other imitations but do have some BCBG bandage skirts.
    Generally the material is thinner and it's a bit inconsistent style by style. some will be stretchier than others etc. I think with imitations you really have to try them on and not assume that the styles will provide consistent result.

    I had a bcbg bandage dress before i converted to HL (now building up to 10 dresses...love every one!)
    the bcbg bandage dress is literally just the look. agree with piggy no figure molding ability at all. also it has a huge issue of hem riding up because of the material.

    Would love to see if other brands are better at making the bandage dresses. I actually kind of like some other higher end brand using the bandage style but using thicker material for work structured dresses.
  7. I have gone through several Herve Leger dresses and no other brand compares IMO. The sizing can be tricky but when you find the right cut and size they're very flattering. I had a Bebe bandage dress but my HL dresses look much better :smile:
  8. Before I got my first HL, I got a bandage dress from Arden B. The material on the Arden B. dress was really inferior and there was no comparison with the HL.

    I recently tried a few BCBG MaxAzria bandage skirts and I like them. THey do not hold me in, but they look good and are longer than the HL skirt I tried, so they work better for me.

    I agree, you have to try a HL on and see what it can do for you! ;)
  9. i've had very good experiences with pleasure doing business skirts. i think they actually hold you in better than the herve leger ones...maybe it's the rubber in the fabrication? whatever it is, they're amazing - they literally suck everything in!

    but conversely, the pdb dresses are kind of suffocating for anyone with a chest, lol........so i'd go with hl if i were buying a dress.
  10. i find the PDB skirts to be SO thick. not comfy at all and ill-fitting on my body. the BCBG skirts are my fav. they fit like a glove and are affordable and versatile. don't like the BCBG dresses though. wish i could afford HL! :sad:
  11. has anyone tried the VS bandage dresses?
  12. For me the order goes:

    1. HL (keeps figure the best and the best designs)
    2. PLB - actually "sucks" you in well too
    3. BCBG - much thinner as has been mentioned
    4. Bebe, etc. I'd focus

    I'd focus on the top 3 brands
  13. I have two HL dresses and of course, they are amazing but I have a PDB bandaged skirt and it holds everything in quite well. My only downfall on the PDB skirt is that it's very restricting with movement.
  14. for the PDB skirts do they ride up? i always worry that when i move they will roll up or something. i want to buy one online but am scared that it wont stay at the listed length
  15. they don't ride/roll up at all for me! one thing to keep in mind, though - check the percentage of rubber in the skirt...i think with some it's like 35% and others more like 10%? it definitely affects the stretchiness of the garment, so the ones with more rubber are less forgiving re: size...at least in my experience :smile: