Herve Leger + CL = fabulousness, every time! (^(oo)^)v

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  1. since there seems to be quite a bit of overlap b/n the CL and herve leger fans, i thought it would be fun to have a thread for "action shots" of CL + HL combination outfits! i know there have been several posted on the HL thread in the wardrobe forum, but i *know* there must be some other ladies here in CL subforum who are also addicted to HL!!

    ash colourblock dress w/red satin armadillos

    lvpiggy: ash colourblock dress (again :P) with grey python VPs
    luxlover: white/purple x-front dress with black leather armadillos

    black evening gown w/floral beading detail & 120mm camouflage pony hair pigalles

    black & cream tank dress w/120mm cream jazz pigalles

    ash ombre off-the-shoulder dress w/anthracite leather armadillos

    eek! caught cheating on my CLs . . . how embarassing :wtf:
    lovely laurayuki was HL + CL fabulous with her wine patent triclos tho!
  2. Oh LV, you look so stunning in all your piccies!!! You look so glam!
  3. Ooooh good idea lv! Although I will just have to admire rather than participate :sad: since HL dresses are just that bit too expensive for my little bank account (and forthcoming wedding savings!). LOVE the photos - you look absolutely amazing!!!

    ... hmmm maybe on second thoughts I shouldn't lurk in this thread.... I'm not good with will power...
  4. Wowza! You look great in your Herve Legers and CLs!
  5. lvpiggy, daaahling, you look absoutely faaabulous! So many celebs are wearing them these days and not a quarter of them as well as you do.

    I have just one HL, a fire engine red vintage from the 90s. I've considered selling it because its a bit too large in the bust (should have got size 1 instead of 2) but I can't bring myself to do it so I'm still looking for the perfect low cut red bra I can stuff to add a cup size. The way it accentuates my existing curves is fantastic but I need a little bit of extra :P
  6. Wow amazing! Especially love the fifth one!
  7. *thunk*

    lvpiggy, you were adorable when I met you at the meet-up, and in those dresses... WOW!
  8. wow u look fab!..love the dresses..my fav is the ash ombre off-the-shoulder dress.
  9. amazing outfits!
  10. Stunning! :faint:
  11. you ladies look amazing, but dammit! I can't escape the HL bug no matter where I turn! :Push:
  12. Gorgeous! lvpiggy, you have a rockin' body! :smile:
  13. Stunning, stunning, stunning!!!
  14. Wow, you look amazing!! I think that you have found the perfect combo CL and HL!
  15. lilpiggy, you just look fabulous! i'm in awe of your fashion AND your figure! so adorable! :woohoo::woohoo: