Herve Leger = <3 Part III

  1. hellokitty, sure you can send it thru my blog. Just make sure to take photos of tags just in case i'm not familiar with the style.

    what the H? A bunch of Herve Leger boutiques told me they were all going to be warehoused to the West Coast somewhere after the 70% off sale... so confused!!

    Anyway, I feel bad if I misinformed anybody but I thought they had all gone to some dark building somewhere by now...
  2. ^ My SA (In her initial e-mail) said the sale ended the 29th, as well, but maybe some stores felt like extending it? *shrug*

    Oh really, to the West Coast? They can store them in my closet, I won't mind. :graucho:
  3. ^ i was told that they're going to the warehouse tomorrow.
  4. Drat, I might have to call then. I'm not even sure if my store responds to e-mails, lol!
  5. Wait...I'm sorry, could you explain this again? I don't see a fold on my dress, does that mean it isn't faux banded? I'm hoping to hem mine!
  6. Ladies I was able to get a dress for 70% off at SF. Just thought I would let you know.

    I got this!
    HL Sugar Plum.jpg
  7. I'm so excited that so many of us were able to score HL dresses recently :smile:

    I'm still waiting on my scoop neck navy dress to arrive to Canada. If anyone sees a great deal on a M dress, please post and let me know (just starting my collection, can always add more....). This is such a crazy addiction, lol!
  8. There are two types of bandage dresses: banded and faux-banded. The banded dresses are actually individual bands that are sewn together. Alterations on these dresses are fairly easy because entire bands can be removed from the bottom hem without compromising the integrity of the dress. The faux-banded dresses are actually one piece of material that has deep folds in it to look like separate bands of material. A faux-banded dress would have to be cut and you run the risk of the material unraveling. If you go in the previous HL thread, post #4609 by rnsmelody has pictures of banded vs. faux-banded.
  9. ^^ Thank you!! :biggrin:

    Mine's faux-banded...darn. Oh well, it doesn't really need to be hemmed. I still love it.
  10. Thanks bebe and everyone else as well. At this point, nobody knows where my dress is. It seems that has just vanished. I purchased it New Year's Day in person and left it behind to be altered. It was supposed to be sent to me by courier within a few days. I felt comfortable in doing so as the SA was very helpful and seemed entirely professional. Well, one excuse led to another and before long, a month had gone by without my dress arriving. I finally got the manager involved and she had no idea as to the entire situation. She was absolutely stunned when I told her what was going on. The SA has been 'severely disciplined' over this as I have been told but still, I don't have the dress. The SA claims to have finally sent it over a week ago now by USPS and I have since learned that it was without either delivery confirmation, signature or tracking! Can you believe it?! It was apparently supposed to arrive within 3-4 days. I have agreed to allow until Friday to see if it shows up but if I don't have it by then, the manager has agreed to provide me with a refund. She has been very understanding, co-operative and responsive so that is why I have agreed to let it to wait until Friday in hope that it will still show up.

    Anyway, I have also ordered a couple of dresses from the Atlanta store and I just pray that I don't run into the same trouble. I'm going to call them tomorrow to check on the shipping as it's been a week now and they haven't arrived yet. I figure that it may have taken them a day or two though to get them out as they were terribly busy last week. I'm anxiously waiting to hear when chidori's dresses arrive as we both ordered from the same store on the same day and live in the same general area of Canada.
  11. Cyndee, I also ordered a dress from the Atlanta store and am in Canada (way over in Vancouver though). I was provided with a tracking number, but when I enter it into the website, it shows as "wrong number" or "does not exist". I didn't think too much into it, as I suppose with the snowstorm situation, it may be delayed. However, now I'm slightly worried. Please keep us updated on the situation.

    I will also post when my dress arrives
  12. Anyone know if the SCP boutique has any sale dresses left?
  13. Cyndee.. that really sucks ;( I'll def post when I do receive mine.

    Hmm, they never provided me with a tracking number ;/ but then again I never asked either, and all our communication was over the phone (although I *did* provide my email for pics to be emailed to me). I'm hoping that won't be a problem.

    I think that usually when it says "doesn't exist" it's because there's a delay in their system.. from my experience, it always takes a while after issuing the tracking number for it to actually show up.
  14. Thanks Lyn and Chi! I'm praying there won't be any issues with the Atl store for any of us.
  15. Cyndee and Chidori, I'm so glad to meet some other Canadians who ordered the ATL store too :smile:

    I'm sure that the HL dresses will arrive, and it's nothing to worry about. Bebefuzz has had such good experiences with the ATL store staff. Will be posting when it arrives (or any updates on system).

    Chidori, I also ordered over the phone. I only provided them an email so they could confirm or email me if there is a problem, because phone fees are $$$ from Canada. I don't think it should be a problem, and your dress is probably on its way to you too