Hervé Chapelier or Longchamp?


Which one- Hervé Chapelier or Longchamp le pliage

  1. Hervé Chapelier

  2. Longchamp le pliage

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  1. Which one would you prefer on a rainy day? I love the fact that Herve's have a zippered pocket. At least it gives it some sort or organization.
  2. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE :love: my Herve bags. They hold a ton of stuff and they last forever and ever!! :tup::tup:
  3. I love Longchamp but the Planetes line is my preference. Good luck deciding!!
  4. love longchamp
  5. Herve all the way! I have 3 and I'll be getting a 4th! I can't rave enough about them! Perfect knock-around, get caught in the rain, need 5 books from the library, woops have to hide a purchase from mom/dh/roommate bag. The medium/weekender fits my life inside!
  6. Hmm that's a tough question bc I love both! But if I HAD to pick I'd say Longchamp. I used both Herve and Longchamp totes to carry my books around campus and the handles on the Herve totes dig into your shoulder after a while. The Longchamp ones have the soft leather handles which are more comfortable in the long run.

  7. Thanks sparkles! I was debating which one to get because I'm starting law school in the fall and was wondering about how the handles would feel so your post helped a lot.
  8. I actually own a Herve in pink and it never bothered my shoulders.

    However, this time I decided to try a Longchamp. I prefer how it looks in black vs the Herve. I will get a sturdy chameleon insert in a few weeks and that will provide the organization that I need.

    Thanks for everyone's opinions!!
  9. I prefer the design of Hervé bags...I really don't like Lonchamps they look old to me...in France & Italy its only old women that carry them...

    If you're after a going to campus french bah I would say either Hervé or Vanessa Bruno's totes...those are very glam, yet practical.

    I own 3 Hervé bag: one with leather handles and 2 with fabric ones...all of them are very practical and last a long time...you can machine wash them, something that I don't think is possible with Longchamps bags.

    I would only carry a really big longchamps weekender bag...
  10. hi, Judie! good question! but sorry, i have both and i love both so i can't vote for one or the other. they're wonderfully functional and stylish, especially toting around the kids' stuff. (love the color combos on the Herves and the bright colors on the Longchamps)
  11. Love my 2 Herves!
  12. Longchamp - like the handles on this a lot better
  13. i prefer the longchamp, love mine. :smile:
  14. I did get a black Longchamp and LOVE it!!! I don't know why, but I like it a lot more than my Herve. I think b/c my Herve is pink, so the Longchamp is more subdued.
  15. Evenly matched poll!

    Perhaps I should try out Hervé... I have several Longchamp Pliages, and they are very practical for toting excess stuff around.