Hertiage tote owners- i have questions!

  1. well
    only two :smile:
    first anyone know the strap drop on the medium size?

    and more importantly.... can someone explain this coated canvas stuff to me... what does it feel like? like is it still soft, or is it stiff?
    i assume it's supposed to be durable and more resistant right?
  2. I don't have mine yet so hopefully someone who has their medium can chime in but Coach CS says that the drop on the medium is 8" (but then again the measurements for the small and medium are a bit messed up by them so take it with a grain of salt I guess).
  3. The drop on my medium tote is 8 inches, so i guess Coach got one measurement right :smile:
    The coated canvas feel alot like the dooney and bourke "IT" bags, but it is really soft. It does seem more durable and resistant, but it is not stiff.
  4. In my opinion the coated canvas on the Heritage Stripe tote is the similar
    to what is used in the LV Damier bags ( I believe they use coated Canvas as well).
    I really love the Heritage stripe tote fabric and I have the large size.
  5. What is the price of the medium tote? I love these new bags coming out, they are so colorful!
  6. Small 11349 $258
    Medium 11350 $298
    Large 11351 $358