Hershey®'s Chocolate Bar Dessert Pan $4.96 + free shipping + 15%off!

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  1. #2 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    Thanks for posting. It's no longer available! :sad:

    This is strange. It had said 'item no longer available'. When I refreshed the page, it said 'IN STOCK'!!

    Nice!! I just ordered three for $12.65. Thanks again!
  2. Weird...maybe I got the last one?:shame: :P
  3. No...it's working now and I've ordered three. Funny though, I went back to order more and it kicked out the free shipping code.

    Coupon FREESHIP Invalid coupon
  4. Thanks! I just ordered 2 and got free shipping! I also ordered the kitchenaid animal bakeware set! DS will love those!

  5. I wonder why the free shipping code won't work for me when I try to place a second order?
  6. Now it's not working...again:shrugs:

  7. Once again, it's coming up as not available...

    Item No.: F1154800


    MSRP: $19.99
    Our Price: $12.99
    $4.96 [​IMG] [​IMG] Clearance Specials:

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    Item not available.

    I BROKE IT!!!!
  8. LOL Bag! Perhaps they only had a few in stock and we bought them up. I am now half expecting to get an email saying my order will be canceled. Oh well, it is not like I needed them!

    Hopefully we will all get our orders *fingerscrossed* ! Thanks for posting britt!
  9. Check now....QUICK!!! IT'S AVAILABLE...LOL!!!
    And free shipping works, too!
  10. Yippee! I got one!
  11. This is freaky....even though it initially takes the FREESHIP code, by the time I get to the final phase of the checkout process, it adds a $6.95 shipping charge and shows the FREESHIP code as invalid! :confused1::confused1:

    Order Summary

    Item Total $14.88
    Affilates 15% off totalorder$2.23
    Shipping Total: $6.95
    Sales Tax Total: $0.00
    Order Total $19.60

    Coupons FREESHIP Invalid coupon

  12. It now says only 3 left!