Hers and His Collection/Reveal Thread.

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  1. Hers and His

    I will be using this thread as our collection thread/reveal thread, as we keep purchasing, we'll keep adding. Stay Tuned

    Delightful (heat-stamped)

    Speedy B 30 in Ebene

    Epi Card Holder (Not sure on the actual name, slips my mind)
  2. gorgeous, congrats
  3. Love your speedy!
  4. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing
  5. I like the idea of heat stamping the strap. I think I'm going to do that to my delightful or Galliera.
  6. Thanks

    Thank you, I really like it, its going on my offsite with me as we speak.

    Still have some more goodies, just didnt have time to post, will post soon :smile:

    Yeah, a friend that works at LV told me about it, so went with it.
  7. Hers
    Pomme ZCP

    Graphite Card Holder
  8. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy! Lucky lady ;)