Heron Bird in MY YARD... TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  1. These herons were born in my yard about 6-7 months ago...I have not seen them in a few months and they came back...Here are pictures when they were born
    THEN TODAY..:heart:


  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
    They are so Cute ....
  5. AWWW!!!:nuts: :love: They're adorable!! They grew up!! AWWW!!
  6. Ack! That's so cute!! They've done well...and its nice you got to see them grow up! You could name them and study them! haha
  7. That's so great! Don't you love watching nature's creatures? Our old neighborhood had herons, (a great blue one), egrets, foxes, deer, etc. We loved it. The babies are so cute.
  8. YES!!! That is why I bought my home on a lake..Its so peaceful just to sit out in the morning and watch nature...so much going on in and around the lake..
    Herons are so beautiful...I WANT TO KEEP THEM LOL
  9. They eat all the koi out of my pond:sad:
  10. Wow...they sure grew up quickly!
  11. Sometimes we got wild turkeys walking through our neighborhood. (It was like tv for my cats . . . .our couch is in front of a big picture window looking out into the backyard / forest. Our birdfeeder is there and my cats just love watching the birds.)

    My cats are indoor cats, and I am comforted in the knowledge that, if a coyote decides to go through our backyard again, they'll be safe.

    (We used to have an outdoor cat and it happened to be outside when a coyote was there . . . scared me to death.)
  12. They are gorgeous!