1. Did anyone else watch the series premier of Heroes last night? NBC.com - Heroes

    I watched it, and really liked it. It reminds me of a combination of Xmen and Lost. Definitely will keep watching it, so I hope it gets picked up.

    Anyone else watch it?
  2. I SAW IT!! I like the pilot episode!!! I thought Ali Larter's (Nikki) ability is pretty cool, I want to see more of it though.

    The Japanese guy (Hiro) is so funny!!!! YATTA~~~~~:yahoo:
  3. I'm watching tonight...they are showing the pilot again. From the previews & reviews it sounds like a great entertaining show.
  4. I loved Hiro (haha fantastic name). The ending of his little story line for the premier was so cute! I just wanted to give him a hug.

    Nikki is neat. The bf and I are trying to figure out what exactly her ability is.
  5. I loved this show!!!!Cant wait for the next episode..I liked all the characters too!
  6. Yeah...what IS her ability? Anyone figure it out yet?
  7. I watched it last night and loved it too! I would sooooooo love to have Hiro's ability! MAN! IMO he has the best one so far.
  8. Me too!! He comes across as very likeable and very innocent. I cheered for him when he managed to bend space and time.:yes:

    Nikki is neat. The bf and I are trying to figure out what exactly her ability is.[/quote]

    I think Nikki's ability has something to do with her shadow/reflection. I guess she has a violent (and probably very strong) alter-ego or other self that separates from her when she is in danger in order to protect her?
  9. I want to have Claire's ability. She's indestructible.
  10. I think the next episode is going to introduce the rest of the characters, including the policeman who can hear ppl's thoughts.:yes:
  11. I can't wait to see the next episode! I agree it's like Lost, X-men, The 4400...which is great because I love those shows too :biggrin:
  12. I liked the show. Looking forward to seeing what happens when everyone truly realizes their abilities and what the bad guy/cheerleader's father is up to.

    Very minor thing that bugged me was that Hiro's friend had a non-native japanese accent. and did any other j-poppers notice Puffy's "Asia no Junshin" playing in the background?
  13. It sounds great so far!
  14. This show is so good so far! I'm definitely sucked in.
  15. I love it also! I am excited to see where this is going!