Heroes Sweetheart is a Good Girl IRL too!

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  1. TMZ has learned that 17-year-old "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere hit the club scene in NYC over the weekend, but vodka, stripper poles and available men were not on the menu. Unlike some Hollywood starlets we know...

    Sources inside the The Plumm nightclub tell TMZ that owner Noel Ashman sent a complimentary bottle of vodka over to Hayden's table, which she politely refused -- giving it to her parents and manager, while the 17-year-old actress enjoyed lollipops and animal crackersinstead. For real! Hayden also turned down an opportunity to try out the club's stripper pole, choosing to grind down a few sandwiches instead.

    An underage star staying out of trouble? Weird.

    source: TMZ.COM
  2. LOL She is only 17??? How is she even in the club? Oh right, rules don't apply to celebs.

    anyways, she seems like a normal grounded girl.
  3. apparently she went with her parents and manager... so i guess if you have "adult" supervision, it's ok...
  4. I love her. I hope she doesn't end up like her peers.
  5. How refreshing - thank God theres still hope.
    LOVE her!
  6. I love her! I don't watch Heroes, but I remember her as Dot in A Bug's Life and I loved her in Bring It On: All Or Nothing.
  7. ^^Oh my gosh Caitlin. My students are actually watching "A Bug's Life" right NOW! (End of school year - we watch a lot of movies:P). I always wondered who voiced Dot. Good to know!!

    I'm glad Hayden seems to be living right. Hope it continues!
  8. Hayden Is A Cutie! I Agree:She Was Great In Bring It On: All Or Nothing!
  9. Never heard that adult supervision is a "pass" to allow entrance in a club.
  10. Glad to hear that she is not following "Hohans" lead. I think that the club owner should be fined for offering liquer to an underage person, he should know better.
  11. I think the Heroes producers keep Hayden on a tight leash with her contract.

    There were pictures of her last year dancing on a stripper pole while smoking a cigarette with Paris Hilton circulating around the internet. she was only 15 in the pictures.
  12. i love her, she's beautiful and very talented.
  13. :nuts: Really? Oh no!

    I really like her way of acting normal and not out-of-control and demanding attention any way possible. But maybe it's all an act???:confused1:
  14. I love her too! I'm glad she's not a cracked out hasbeen like Lindsay.
  15. This is the picture that started it all.


    Shortly after one of her friends got mad at her for some reason and posted Hayden's private online photo album with tons of pictures of her drinking, including pictures of her parents drinking with Hayden & her friends. I won't post those pictures because I thought it was crappy of her friend to do that.

    I like Hayden a lot, and I do think she's sweet & a billion times better than a lot of other Hollywood girls, but I feel if they're going to try to have her be this sweet innocent girl they should really make sure there aren't pictures of her dancing and smoking with the queen of skeeze.