Hernes in Canada

  1. Hello Jello,

    this forum is so helpful in getting info i want to thank you all who have contributed. i live in Canada and i called the Toronto store to put my name down for a birkin but instead she changed the topic and is sending me a catlogue because she says Hermes likes their customer to experience the lifestyle of Hermes such as jewelery, scarves etc, etc and those are the customers who will get a bag. So i was denied a bag cause i don't own anything of Hermes yet i have $$ to pay for a $9000 bag! i was just wondering everyone here who owns a hermes bag, was it hard for you to get ur 1st bag? is it hard for me to get one in Canada? If i call some of the US stores will they take phone orders?

  2. If you live anywhere near H store in Toronto, I suggest you just pop by once in a while. I've been to that store twice and both times they had Kelly and Birkin bags on the shelves available for purchase. If you are not picky about color/size, you may luck out @ T.O.'s location. I haven't purchased anything from that store yet (all of my bags came from re-sellers so far) but if I was in the market for a bag at the time of my visit, they were up for grabs! (I also think going around certain holidays may help ;) , like Mother's Day or Christmas.)
  3. money doesn't buy one a birkin unless you want to go reseller route...but you should really pop by into the H stores in Canada because they are full of goodies and you'ld have such a great time!

    it does take time to get them to order a birkin for you; however as Irene said...sometimes I see birkins in the Vancouver store also! so you might just get lucky!
  4. i live in Edmonton so my luck to check a Hermes Store will be every 2 yrs maybe...... too bad....
  5. I dun think Hermes is planning to place a store in Alberta since they only charge 1 tax.......

  6. 1 tax or 2 tax shouldn't have anything to do with where Hermes will open a store. The tax goes to the government not Hermes.
  7. well... wat I'm thinking is.... If they only charge 1 tax... it'll draw all the ppl from Canada (or USA) to that location...
    as a good example... the LV branch in Banff :sweatdrop:
  8. the fact is, speaking from my experiences, Hermes prefers customer who truely like and cherish their products throughout the store. i.e. you need to somehow convince them that you are a die hard fan, one thing that you can do is to spend some $ on other bags, small leathers (are something that they encourage a lot) or at least, you need to know thoroughly bout their ranges, names, leather types. you need to take it slow when you first started.
  9. I live in Edmonton too, and it's tough! Unfortunately, Hermes is not like LV/Chanel where you can just place your name on a list and go - there are a lot of mixed feelings about their approach. I don't like there RTW or their jewelry... really, all I want are the bags and scarves - so I'm defintely not an ideal customer!

    Like H-addict and yorelica said, if you're not fussy about color, Toronto and Vancouver will occasionally have Birkins on the shelf. The TO store placed my name on a list very easily, but that may be because I own other H items?

    I shop when I or friends/family travel and have gotten offered Birkins this way... again, that's another option.

    Yeah, I wish Alberta would get an Hermes, but even though we have a lot of "new money" here, I don't think there's the market for it.
  10. tweetie, do you think if i just call and tell the saleslady and demand to put on the waitlist... kekekeke will that work?? i want one so bad.... but my TO friends don't own hermes items so if they go into the store for me thats useless.... you should put ur name on the waitlist for me kekekek
  11. No matter which brand it would be I think that SA was kind of rude. How could she know if you not purchased anything? And even if she did, treating a consumer like that is rude. She should've rather told you that the list was closed, and offered to send you the catalogue or something along those lines. This sounds like a bad marketing strategy. IF there had been Birkins available everywhere they wouldn't have done this, it's a cheap way of scaring customers into buying more. Of course there's probably something else you might like in the store, but that should be up to you to decide, not the SA. :rolleyes:
  12. I am on the list in Toronto currently and it was not so difficult to get on it. First time I came into the store I met really nice lady - the store manager. She was the one to suggest to put my name on the list for a Birkin and said it should take no more than a year to get one even sooner if my so comes in. That also applies to exotic skins. Other times I've spoken to few sa's on the phone, they were nothing but helpful and answered all my questions. In my opinion, you just have to be polite and persistent with them. So far my experience has been absolutely great with Toronto store. Have patience.
  13. birkin101, what was the manager's name.... maybe i can call and ask for her. i wasn't rude at all but maybe it just wasn't my day.... i'll try calling again
  14. I heard from other people that Natalie is very nice to deal with at Toronto's store.
  15. Michelle is the manager. I've also spoken to Anastasia in the past and she was great. There was another sa, but I don't remmember her name. Good Luck