Hermoine Granger

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  1. :rolleyes:

    So just enjoy these pictures of Emma Watson, age 16, enjoying some beer. And if that gets old, check out this website, which makes the pictures even more enjoyable: it makes them into a Corona commercial by playing them to the tune Jimmy Buffet songs for your listening pleasure. :jammin:
    H1.jpg H2.jpg H3.jpg
  2. Ehh, unfortunately I can't say anything because I was sure drinking at 16 but I SURE WASN'T dumb enough to be photographed with the beer!! :wtf: :wtf:
  3. I feel like im just looking at some 16 yr olds pics, she looks so normal!! And she's look very pretty... I love HP and Hermonie :heart:
  4. According to the drinking age laws in the U.K. any person 16 and over may may purchase beer, porter, cider, or perry with a meal in an eating area on licensed premises (In Scotland wine also).

    She still looks cute!!! Bring on the next HP movie NOW!!!:hysteric: :lol:
  5. She looks so beautiful now. She's grown into herself, but :wtf: with the beer thing. I now it's ok in England (and practically anywhere else in Europe, too), but she can't possibly be mature enough to handle herself while consuming the stuff. I know I sure as heck wasn't when I was her age.
  6. I think it's more alarming b/c she still looks 12! LOL.
  7. She looks cute
  8. It's hard to imagine her as almost an adult.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Hermione* ;)
  11. I know she looks like a child !!! even if technically 16 is also the age I started drinking at parties and be all tipsy after 1 glass.... lol
    it's still young though....
  12. Well I think she is beautiful... as for the drinking- she is getting to *that* age :shrugs:
  13. She still looks cute, but I didn't start drinking until 18 anyways when is the next Harry Potter movie???
  14. In the UK you're allowed to drink at 16.
  15. She looks so cute -cant wait till the next HP movie:yahoo:
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