Hermoine (Emma Watson ) Out On The Town With Her Rocker BF

  1. Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson stepped out with a racy new look at a star-studded party last night, but it was her choice of companion that turned heads as she partied with Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell.

    Emma Watson has found a new friend...rocker Johnny Borrell of Razorlight fame. The pair were seen at the Vanity Fair event at the National Portrait Gallery

    Borrell and Emma leave the Vanity Fair & Burberry party to attend a party given by designers PPQ at London's Dolce Nightclub
  2. [​IMG]
    Worse for wear Johnny heads home with with a mystery companion after a heavy night at the Dorchester Hotel..with Ms. Watson nowhere to be seen
  3. [​IMG]
    Party girls: Emma Watson catches up with party veteran Pixie Geldof
  4. Next headline "Emma in rehab" kidding.

    she looks great, although she has a big ole' forehead. lol
  5. She looks great. She looks very young, he looks scrappy. Not even sext scrappy.
  6. She is beautiful. I just hope she doesn't end up down the same road (ahem, rehab), with all these shabby/party-hard people she's hanging out with.
  7. oh noooo... i've seen her in interviews and she's sooo poised and charming! hope she doesnt go down that route!
  8. shes gorgeous! he is not.. haha :p
  9. he looks like a scarecrow
  10. Her dress is so pretty! Not a fan of the color though.
  11. She looks so lovely. Her boyfriend on the other hand looks like he hasn't had any sleep, maybe it's the rocker look.:confused1:
  12. He looks like a pothead.
  13. She's gorgeous.
  14. he looks like he has a wet sloppy mouth :sad: like he would drool a bit at the corners of his mouth. euw.
  15. i though johnny borrell was goin out with kirsten dunst?