HermEX arrival from Alaska

  1. I'll just cut to the chase because this bag is so yummy. I am in luuuurrrrve :heart:

    32cm Cocoan Chevre Sellier Kelly with Palladium HW

  2. Congratulations!!
  3. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!
    That is a beautiful Kelly - I *LOVE* the color!!:heart::heart:

  4. Congratulations! Love the Kelly!

    Seems like the Alaska store has quite some inventory???? Heard a lot of Tpfers got something from this store??
  5. Oooooh, gorgeous, just gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  6. thank you ladies!

    babysky...Alaska definitely has a good selection, sometimes, though they have to go to the back of the ice cave to find that certain sumthin' sumthin' to tickle your toes. ;)

    here's another shot...with her big sister...Miss Rouge H Clemence Birkin (who has commandeered Miss Cocoan's coordinating scarf....Passementerie)

  7. From a die-hard Chevre fan, HN, your new baby is TDF! Absolute perfection! Congrats!
  8. gorgeous kelly. congrats! i love your birkin too!
  9. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! LOVE the scarf too and a perfect match!!!! Cocoan is just gorgeous in Chevre!!!! Major CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  10. love both your bags, and the scarf too. could you post a pic of your scarf. love the colors. congrats.
  11. She is SMOKIN HOT, T! :nuts:

    You have landed a beauty here for sure! :drool:

    Love the color! Love the leather! Love the hardware! Love that she's sellier - man! What's not to love?? How totally unique - PERFECT! :yes:

    What a glorious addition to your killer collection!


  12. fantastic!!!!!!!!!! congrats!:dothewave:
  13. What a happy family! Congrats!!!
  14. Penny, merika, babysky, lvrjrt, kim_mac, s'mom, loren, orchids, haute couturess, ebruo...THANK YOU!

    I have to say that I was expecting her to be Retourne and when she showed up...surprise...she was sellier...but she is absolutely fab. The color is the most divine shade of decadent bittersweet cocoa(n)! I have already taken her out for a spin and know she is destined to be a favorite bag! This is the first time I have picked a scarf....then a bag. :p

    Now, for you my dear Loren...a big shot of the scarf! :smile:

  15. Oh my! Gorgeous bag! And a beautiful pair with her big sister and the scarf! Congratulations!!!