Hermette...Hermies...SHOWER Update!!!

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  1. Yeah...time is getting near!

    Reveal date range for our Patz/Japster combo shower...May 21 through May 31...packages should be timed to arrive within this timeframe if possible...

    Patz is due in early June...it is a boy!!!
    Japster is due in September...it is a boy!!!

    To protect our ladies...let's use the same guidelines considered for the Sisterhood/Brotherhood...minimum of 500 posts and a member of tPF since January 1, 2007...

    Please PM me if...
    You would like to be randomly assigned to purchase a gift for one of our honorees...
    You would like registry information for Patz...Japster is winging it!!!
    I will try to send PM responses w/in 48 hours...LOL...

    Both ladies appreciate any positive thoughts...tokens...basics...etc. We are just all thrilled to share in the celebration of their little ones!

    To simplify...please wait to PM me for address information in early May...

    Very exciting!!!!!
  2. oh i was all ready to pm you now. lol.
  3. How exciting for us to share their joy.
  4. This is going to be fun:graucho:
  5. How exciting!!!
  6. SoCal, would you repost this message or bump it when the time comes. I know I'll forget.
  7. Better yet- I will make it is a sticky!
  8. Thanks, Jag!!!
  9. What FUN!!! I am so happy to hear that Japster is having a boy after two beautiful little girls - YAY!
  10. I am already set and have my presents picked out!!!! Hope you like them.

    :woohoo: :flowers: :choochoo: :happydance: :party:
  11. Japster - you have a little penis inside you.
  12. GF...Wow... LOL...
  13. Damn it GF, now I've got wine all through my keyboard......it flew out of my nose.....*sniff* it hurts.....
  14. LMAO.
    My dh blurted out after learning it was a boy, "Well, I'll guess he'll speak softly and carry a big d!--" :wtf:
  15. i wish i had the 500 posts, but with only 333,
    i send pazt and japster
    loving congratulations with
    very positive thoughts
    today and every day!
    :heart: :heart: