1. I like Rose Ikebana but it's a bit too floral for me.. On my skin the initial dob smells perfect, it's like floral but with a kicker! But as time wears on, the fragrance becomes more just a pure rose scent. I feel like I've got rose oil on..:shame: Anyone have any suggestions for another fragrance? I've tried on Osmanthe Yunnan but I'm not a fan. I do like floral.. but just not too floral, lol.

    Also, what sizes do the EDTs come in? And what are the prices of these?
  2. actually, if you ever have the time and "extra hands" (bring a friend) try "layering" the scents.:yes: you can almost create your own unique scent. Hermes sells these in sets of four small spray bottles. It is alot of fun experimenting, and every day you can "layer" differently, and smell different!:flowers:
  3. Thanks avan! Wrt the 4 small bottles set, I'm thinking you can chose what goes in the set, yes? Do you know what this goes for? This might just be the solution for me:smile:
  4. Actually you do not get to chose, it is a pre pacaged set of 4 very different scents, the bottles are all in their own fabric bags, each bottle has 15ml, (.50fl.oz) the scents include the Ambre Narguile, Poivre Samarcande, Vetiver Tonka, and Rose Ikebana. They are sometimes available in sample form, if your SA loves you, you may be able to get a small sample of each and experiment first. I actually did not like any single one (except the rose) that much, but when the SA showed me that you can layer them then the scents came to life for me. (the stores are usually out of the samples though, and it's easier to get them if you are buing something else too):flowers: hope this helps
  5. Thanks again, avan!:flowers: Yes, that was helpful!!