HermesBB's new pair of BV purple boots

  1. I have been looking for a nice and comfortable pair of boots for this fall for a while already. Saw a few nice boots IRL and was feeling ambivalent until i stroll in the bottega Venetta store.

    I saw her sitting on the top of the shelves and my heart almost stop beating.
    She is exquisite :love:

    She has this sutle yet antique kinda matte purple shade, the details are pure craftsmanship :drool:

    So, not much debate she went home with me. Just want to share with u guys my joy and her beauty :flowers:
    DSC_4083.jpg DSC_4079.jpg DSC_4082.jpg
  2. beautiful!!! congrats!!
  3. what a colour! they look very comfortable
  4. So beautiful! I love most things BV!!!
  5. Lovely!
  6. wow! they are very beautiful!
  7. Those are beautiful. Wear them well!
  8. Those are amazing. I love purple shoes and knee high boots, in general, but I especially love the shape of the toe. The point is not too much. Plus the heel looks sturdy and durable. Oh, and so pretty!!!

    I think I need to go clean the drool out of my keyboard.
  9. Thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks Jillian Dollars.

    I totally agree with u about the toe. I like it not so pointy as well.