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  1. Has anyone dealt with the above seller on ebay ? i did not see them listed on the reputable ebay list. Thanks in advance.
  2. hermes** is THE BEST. she is so sweet and has some awesome bags and i met her at her studio. she was a delight to deal with and I highly recommend her. pm me if you have any questions.
  3. For what it is worth, members here have had mixed experiences with this seller. Some good, some bad. There are definitely more posts on this seller- so I would conduct a search of the Hermes' threads to find out more. You definitely want to be 100% comfortable before you take a chance.
  4. I must admit, I have dealt with her and found her to be totally professional and a great reseller. Just my experience, I know there are other opinions here.
  5. As far as authenticity, she's totally selling the real deal.
  6. ^^^ Yes, she definitely sells authentic goods. The complaints I know of relate to her not fully disclosing certain things about her bags, or in customer service.
  7. thanks everyone for your replies. will definitely ask her all related questions before i bid on the item. :yes:
  8. Her stuff is authentic. Just make sure that the item she is selling IS on hand with her and you will be fine (I think the ones she has listed she DOES have on hand with her), I do NOT recommend buying anything without the bag being with the seller already (this applies to all sellers, btw). Also make sure you get a tracking#, do NOT relent until you have a tracking# - this applies to ANY resellers that you deal with. Last but not least, make sure you do NOT buy any Shooting Star bags unless you're okay with the idea of the bag not being refurbishable by Hermes (all other bags CAN be refurbished by Hermes, but NOT the ones with the Shooting Star logos as those weren't meant to be sold). Once agian, this also applies to ALL sellers of Hermes bags ...
  9. I have met hermes**. Have known her about 7-8 yrs now. We have traded bags, bought and sold from each other. Her bags are definitely authentic. She used to lived a couple of blocks from me in NYC - small world!