Hermes zoulou purse

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  1. I start collecting zoulou purse since last year. Recently I found that H produced zoulou in PM and GM originally. (I can only see GM zoulou in store nowadays but not sure that PM is discontinued)
    1) Does anyone have more info about zoulou?
    2) Please share your zoulou pics

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  2. Hardly see both sizes in stores nowadays
  3. It's back. I just bought one in natural Barenia lined with Anemone Chèvre. Not sure which size as it's my only one. Pics later!
  4. Sounds gorgeous! Pics for certain as I am headed to Paris :flowers:
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1446458733.459977.jpg

    As promised, my Anemone/ Barenia Zoulou measuring 8x8cm. Would this be a PM?
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  6. Hallo dear! Yes it's a coin purse but I use it only for travel. I open it up and store my jewellery in it when I go to sleep. Like a jewellery "tray".
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  7. Great idea! What a pretty 'tray' to be enveloped in. I think I 'need' one too :P
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  8. You do, totally!
  9. Thanks so much! Your zoulou is a GM, for PM , the length is 7cm.
    Enjoy the beautiful anemone zoulou, two-tone zoulou is rare relatively.
    Thanks for the pics!
  10. Thank you for the info, that's helpful. Anemone and Barenia was a combination I couldn't let go. :P
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  11. Thanks so much, I hope these appear in stores more frequently again. :biggrin:
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