Hermès YouTuber?

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  1. Dear all,
    I am starting to run out of Netflix stuff - anyone can recommend some Hermès related YouTubers or vlogs? I know the big names but usually I like the less professional cut videos more.
    Any recommendations for some eye candy maybe?

    Also, please delete if not allowed.
  2. This thread is fine, but IMO most Hermes Youtubers beyond lipsticks (like most luxury shopping YTbers) talk drivel.

    An exception to that and I think the one of the most fun I've seen is Fumi Desalu-Void because she has her own fabulous, unique style and isn't patronising. A lot of her Hermes are years old and she wears it well including wonderful Hermes gloves.

  3. Fumi is my big sister from another mother. Thanks for sharing her link here . She is so real and not pretentious.
  4. I'm so pleased you like her too!

    I meant to share the vid where she shares her collection and actually talks about her mother. You can tell she adores the history and appreciates all the nuances of each product.

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  5. Omg she makes me want to wear scarves. Totally love her.
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  6. Fumi's Head Wrap, Top Knot & other styles will likely come in handy for many of us who color our
  7. I love Fumi!!!
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  8. MelInMelborne does a lot of luxury but has a large Hermes collection and is wonderful!
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    My favorite Hermes YouTuber is Margarita Nazaranko and her dear mother Irina (who works or worked at Hermes). Her mom has a huge collection of not just bags but rtw , jewelry, perfume and housewares. Such great style! Dig into her collection of videos and mom/daughter vlogs and you see plenty of the entire Hermes experience - not just bag unboxings.

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  10. I agree Margarita Nazarenko, and her mother Irina Castell. May I also suggest Amaya lynxx.
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  11. I didn't even know she was Irina's daughter, I really like her too.

    I know Irina well. She's worked her way up at H. A lovely woman and a very hard worker.
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  13. I really like Irina. She has a fabulous style and such a fantastic collection of Hermès bags and jewelry.
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  14. Thank you for sharing this. Her scarf collection is breathtaking. I’m not a vintage scarf collector but I would love to get my hands on some pieces she has!
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  15. I've been following her for years. Fumi is fabulous....

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