Hermes Workhorse (not B/K)

May 30, 2020
I use my old LV Marylebone that I bought during my first trip to Paris. It's truly a workhorse as I carry it in the rain and for business and personal travel. It's probably my most used bag. It's discontinued but pops up on reseller sites every now and again. I considered the double sens but it's too skinny for what I carry when I travel.
Thanks :tup: Why are so many good functional bags discontinued lol. H white bus too...


Dec 11, 2006
Bolide 35 for me - although I switched my Mac13 to Macbook while it was still available. I don't think I can ever go back to larger sized laptops. But then, GP or Double sens for sure. I thought of Kelly or Birkin, but for work not appropriate for many reasons.
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Aug 31, 2008
I'm going to say double sens. It's light, fits on your shoulder and can fit a laptop. Its a bit on the skinny side compared to a garden party. I actually use a LV (not a neverfull) as I can't find a H bag that suits my needs for a travel/workhorse bag.
agree with Jyyanks. I think a work bag should have a shoulder option. I liked the double sens for work also. It’s discreet and a shoulder carry and can be stuffed and get wet. But it’s open top with no pocket. . . But, my mom lifted it once empty and was like, this is so heavy ;). (She likes Favre le paige sp? Shoulder carry totes) The whitebus is more structured and formal; nice for meetings and well priced on reseller sites . . . In 2008 or 2010, the Madison Avenue store carried a tote bag that had a shoulder friendly drop and an outside pocket. Maybe called something similar to the cabat (no that’s BV, and it wasn’t the H cabag). I didn’t pay much attention bc I was more of a kelly girl back then. But I never saw it in the wild, on line or anywhereelse.
I just got my DH a sellier evelyne 33 since he carries a modern ghurka in the same format. It would fit a laptop and has one slim interior pocket and the H logo is very discreet. Adjustable shoulder strap. it comes across as bigger than the retourne evelyne and doesn’t hold as much. Big iPad on left, Mac book right. i also got DH an hermes briefcase but he almost never uses it bc he says it’s too heavy. Also, I don’t have one, but a jypserie or a steve crossbody might be an option. On the non H front, I have had an old LV that I loved with a zipper, mabye called the Babylon; an old Chanel cerf; and a friend recommendEd two options for me once: a goyard Artois with zipper or a Gucci that is east West, bamboo handle plus shoulder strap.

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