Hermes wont sell me a scarf LOL

  1. Oh my this sucks - I have been wanting the Le Canada in black Colourway -- it was pointed out that it was on the Hermes France site a while back, but now, today I saw it on Hermes US ! I couldn't believe it, so I called and they said they wont ship to Canada. So thought well maybe they can ship to the Hermes in Houston I used to shop and and they can send it, they can't send to Canada but they have them in stock too!! ... Crap ! So I called Hermes Vancouver .... LOL they wont even ship within Canada from over the phone and there's no Hermes Canada site !!

    No Hermes in Calgary, so I guess no scarf :sad:

    I was made in Quebec and thought this would be the ultimate H scarf for me since its a map of Quebec .. Bah! Now that is dissapointing that they can't seem to send me a scarf :crybaby:

    Rant over

  2. PM me, I'll be happy to forward it to you.
  3. :yahoo:Yeah Rose :yahoo:


    I want a smilie that says "Rose Rocks". You're one in a million Rose. :heart:
  4. Aww, Rose, you are such a sweetie!!!
  5. Awww, it's nothing... can't let something like that stop someone from getting something they really want.
  6. Yay Rose! :smile:
  7. Glory be guys ! Thanks Rose and those who PMed I got offering to help! Now I know for sure next time I'm in the proximity of an H boutique I need to stock up! But this one I have so much wanted and its just not available much and just popped up !!!

    You guys are the best :heart: !

  8. Thanks Rose for being such a wonderful doll in the forum:smile:

    You're such a darling inspiration :heart: not only you look fabulous as always but your more gorgeous in the inside. Your like a book cover...superb from front to the end.

    You can forward me any of your least fave mousse anytime:p
  9. Vista, I hope you get your dream scarf soon! And YAY for Rose! How sweet are our H members!!!:yahoo:
  10. What a sweet turn of events! Way to go, Rose! I love when things like this happen!!!
  11. Glad your getting your scarf Vista.

    Rose, what a sweet gesture. :girlsigh:
  12. Our very sweet MaggieD is picking it up from the store and forwarding it. Thank you Maggie, you are the best!
  13. Yay MaggieD! :heart:

    Yay Rose! :heart:

    You're the best :yes:

    Congratulations-to-be, Vista, and welcome.
  14. Thank you Rose and MaggieD !!! -- I definitely will post pics upon arrival :smile:

  15. That is the best! I love it when fellow PF'ers help eachother out! Kudos to Rose and Maggie! And Congratulations Vista!! So excited for you!