Hermes won't give me an evaluation for insurance purposes

  1. after hearing CDG's birkin got got me thinking that perhaps i should get my bag insured too..
    so i called up my insurance company and they said they can't insure the bag until they get an evaluation my bag and how much it is currently worth.

    so i call up Hermes in Australia ..they asked me which store i purchased the bag from..i told her i actually bought it at a reseller store in japan..when she heard this, she was like well then i can't help you because you didn't buy it at any of our stores. She said that they won't even look at it if it wasn't purchased at any of their stores... Has this happened to anyone before? I mean, do they treat you like that, if you didn't actually get it from an Hermes store. I was quite disappointed that I got brushed away like that. Made me feel inferior... :sad:
  2. Well, look at it this way. By buying the bag from a reseller, you probably made HER feel inferior.

    I wonder, if you told her it was a gift and you have no record of the purchase, would she have treated the matter differently?

    I'd be curious to know if anyone has had Hermes give a current market value (an appraisal) to their used bags.
  3. Yes. I had to bring the bags into the store, which in my case was Madison Avenue, and then they submit a request through the US corporate office (also in NY). It seemed to take them an inordinately long time to type up a simple letter, but it eventually would arrive. Then I started asking my insurance broker to accept the receipt OR proof of purchase (if I didn't buy it directly at Hermes) and he was willing to do that.

    Nowadays though I actually have a separate homeowners insurance rider on my "H room", since I often have a lot of other people's property in my care as well. It's a blanket policy not to exceed x-amount, but I don't have to change out the actual items every time something comes in or out.
  4. the thing with ins. too is that do you insure your bag for the retail price it currently is at H?

    Or the amount it would cost you to buy it from CDL if yours were to be damaged or stolen and you wanted a replacement now...all bags/all color/all leathers are not always available.
  5. It depends on your policy.
    Our homeowners policy specifies that they have to replace "like with like". It's a LOT more expensive to insure your home and/or its contents like this, but in our case, we live in an antique house, and dammit, if there's a fire or something, we want our floors replaced with 18th century wood. We don't care what it costs, that's Chubb's problem.

    The same thing with the bags--if there were a fire here, and I lost a matte croc Birkin for example (which I have in my dreams, LOL) they would have to replace it with a matte croc bag, technically from the same year if it was available, but if not, they would have to basically just give me the retail cost of replacing that exact bag wherever it was available, in today's dollars.
  6. ^^^now i can sleep peacefully tonight!
  7. LOL

    That makes one of us, GOD I wish I didn't have this insomnia thing.
  8. Wouldn't it be better to get an independent appraiser's report? I know it would cost you a couple hundred bucks, but they'd probably give a higher figure than H- since resale values *are* much higher than retail. Seems like it would be worth it just to get the extra protection.
  9. the insurance policies here replace your item as it is. If they are unable to repalce the same thing, they will give it to you in money.
    I may not have bought it from a H store, but it is a H bag. If she was concerned whether I was giving her a fake one to evaluate. She could still at least let me bring it in and have a look first. She doesn't need to give me one after she's inspected the bag. I mean, just because its not purchased from a H store doesn't mean it's not a H bag?? right??? Do you ladies here all buy it from a H store?

    Just feeling a bit down....:sad:
  10. aDiorables, honestly, don't feel bad! I think the problem was 1) you called instead of just taking the bag in, and 2) you told her you got it from a reseller (they HATE hearing that).
    I would just GO to the store and bring the bag in. Make sure you don't talk to that particular person. I don't think they will give you a problem when they can look at the bag for themselves and see that it's authentic. :heart: Look at it this way, they certainly don't refuse to service bags that are not bought there, and this is a service.

    I buy both from Hermes directly and from other places, by the way.
  11. Thanks CynthiaNYC...i might do that..just drop in. I only work a few buildings down from the store. I might actually say that it was given to me by my aunt and don't know where she got it from...
    muchly appreciate everyone's help...
  12. They may not even ask, if you just walk in carrying the bag :smile: Hope this is helpful! And don't forget: You have EVERY right to be there, so walk in proudly and hold your head high.
  13. My insurance company (CSAA) has a policy that I just need the receipt. It doesn't deal with appreciation, but if I bought a bag in Japan, and it was less than 2 years old, and I had the receipt, then it would be insured with just the receipt. They will also accept appraisals if its over 2 years.
  14. As some member here know I recently got flooded and My ostrich Kelly got totally destroyed

    This is how my policy works and its a good one ( zurich insurance)

    I am covered up to 1500 pds per individual contents item
    any item above that amount has to be declared seperately, so I have to insure my Kelly along with some other antique pictures clocks etc on seperate cover and pay the additional which is worth it for peace of mind

    Now for the Insurance company to provide cover for my Ostrich Kelly I had to have a letter from Hermes stating the current replacement cost for this bag

    Hermes will only supply this letter if you have the original Hermes receipt for the purchase of the bag from one of there boutiques FULL STOP no exceptions.

    I also have to get a letter from Hermes every three years to confirm replacement costs

    I dont know of any other insurance company that operates in a different way although I am told they do supply a different cover to very wealthy people who have a lot to insure so pay a very very high yearly premium

    I would search around on Insurance companies, and think positive your not going to loose that beauty are you , just make sure when you are about in the city to keep it close to you and dont fall asleep on a bus.
  15. i think the problem was you mentioned a reseller. next time go into a store with the bag tell it was a gift and that you need a thingy for your insurance company.
    my insurence company pays out replacementcosts and if it is not available via H within a certain timeframe they would also cough up for any other route i would go. ( i first got that kind of cover for my jewelry and art but they offered to extend it towards my bags)