Hermes (wonderful) customer service and FedEx (not so much), there's a good resolution, I promise


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Jun 21, 2021
So this is just a bit of storytime on my most recent experience with I've mentioned it in another thread, but now that I have an ending, I'll tell it here.

On 04Jul2022, I placed an order on the website, USA. I got a confirmation e-mail of my order on the same day.
On 06Jul2022, I got an e-mail from both Hermes and FedEx that my order was shipped and I got a tracking number. Great! It was estimated to arrive on 11Jul2022, and at the latest 13Jul2022.
The shipment kept on moving to the designated areas until it hit a standstill on 13Jul2022. It seemed to be stuck at one location and was not moving. I called FedEx and they said they would look into it and call me back. Never called me back (I expected this.)
On 15Jul2022, I called FedEx, and they said they were "searching for the package". I asked: does that mean my package was lost? Are you unable to find it?....dead silence on the other line (not a great sign :-s ). Finally I managed to get some kind of answer out of the FedEx person and he/she said that it was at that warehouse location, they were just looking for it among all the packages. The person let me know that "X" would call me back in 24 hours....Never called me back. (not surprised)
On 19Jul2022, I called FedEx again. The person on the line did not hesitate at all this time. He clearly stated that they were unable to location the package and the shipper has to start a claim. Once the claim went through, FedEx would reimburse me in 7 days.
Well now I'm sad lol.:sad: So anyway, on that same day, I call The lady who picked up the phone was lovely. We chatted for a bit and she remarked how beautiful my purchase was. And I explained everything to her. She was very apologetic, immediately called FedEx right there, and put in a claim. She did let me know it would take up to 12 business days to process. I did not mind at all, these things take time anyway. She asked if I would prefer a refund or replacement and I said refund. I marked the date on my calendar for 12 business days and went about my days.
Then today, 26Jul2022, I get an email from Hermes that I have been fully refunded! (it's only been about 5-6 business days) In 10 minutes, it shows up in my bank account. Of course it's still pending, but that is enough. :smile: I'm happy that Hermes helped me resolve the situation in a professional manner. I'm a little concerned to order anytime soon but I appreciate their customer service.

I'm usually do not like to order any luxury online, but sometimes with stock being so tight for Hermes I do order. I have ordered from before without any problems. Previously with FedEx they have always been very timely, packages properly protected and beautifully wrapped. This was the first unfortunate mishap. :sad:
But I'm glad once I called Hermes, they took care of everything.:tup: Tbh, while I'm a bit bummed I didn't get my item, it's not the end of the world. There's always something else to buy. :graucho::lol: