Hermes Womens Resort 2019

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  1. So I just watched the live stream of Resort 2019, mainly to ogle any new bags and it looks like they've launched a couple new/adapted designs, as well as showcased the Birkin Trench coat.

    You can watch the show on Youtube

    Images of the outfits and detailed images of items are on the Vogue site

    Highlights include a Bolide like bag that is squarer and taller in shape and only curved to one side, the Birkin Sellier has made a comeback, new variants on the Herbag and Goatskin may be back in bigger bags...

    Couple highlights attached.

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  2. I knew it! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw a Birkin Sellier. The show on the website was not HD.
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  3. Ha! I just had the same frustration, but fortunately Vogue is up to speed with glorious HD media!!!

    I wonder if the Evelyne Sellier was a bit of a test to see how the artisans, as well as customers reacted to the Hunter leather and sharper silhouette, assuming this is Fauve Hunter and not something else.
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  4. Bonus piccie of the sellier B

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  5. Yeah that's what I'm thinking as well. It's probably more difficult to make sellier in general (I read here somewhere that there are not that many artisans that know how to make Kelly Sellier that's why retourne is more common). That's why the sellier stuff is coming in trickles.

    I can imagine the Birkin sellier will then be made in epsom (box came out last year but I haven't seen anyone in this forum do a reveal) next year, coz that's what happened to the evelyne after being issued in hunter.
  6. love the birkin sellier and the black chevre birkin (not i regretted i didnt SO the chevre!)

    i thought this bag is kinda cool too like a hybrid between bolide and double sens!

    the handle drop may just be long enough for shoulder carry?

  7. The Birkin Sellier looks like butler in natural sable to me. Could it be? :eek:

    Anyone knows what this leather is?


    I love how she always has the sleeve openings facing the front and allow the bracelets to be seen.

    Do we think it's a B30 or B35 chevre? I want a black chevre bag in >30 so badly!!!
  8. Vache natural sellier even! And I think that is a B35 in chèvre!
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  9. I enlarged it on my iPad, and it looks to me like porc.
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  10. That's what I thought and hope!!!! :yahoo:
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  11. it looks like a B25 in pecari. this is pecari
    Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 21.53.43.png
  12. could be VN yeah! but I'm thinking either fauve hunter or butler :heart:
  13. But then now I'm like, darn! how many goldish bags is H going to make me desire for!!!
  14. B35 in chevre please!!!! :hbeat:
    If it's Vache natural then I'm safe. I hope it is!! :P
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  15. Why are there so many oversized Herbags, though? :lol:
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