Hermes withdrawals!

  1. Does anyone else get them?? I purchased some items during the sale last week....I also purchased a gift for my favorite SA at another store....I need a BAG! I dont care which one it is. I will take a Bolide if I have too...not really. I want the perfect Kelly or Birkin....if I find one. But, I am definitely wanting....

    My question I the only one??
  2. No way! We couldn't go to H last weekend because we had to go out of town and I am so excited to be going tomorrow. :yahoo: I was talking with the manager on th phone today and he said something like "no one needs anything we sell" and I was like :wtf: YES, I NEED EVERYTHING YOU SELL!!!! :lol: Except the Himalaya! ;)
  3. Yeah, I go through it too... I feel the urge to buy something every week, although I think it has to do with the recent habit I've acquired ... Anyways, for once I think I'm done with Hermes for a while ... I really don't plan on buying anything til September at the earliest.
  4. Yes, I think we all probably get them from time to time. I am wanting a bag too but won't be able to get one until later this fall. I just come here and look at all the beautiful bags and dream.

    I don't need that Himalaya either. Nor do I need that Ugg Boot Kelly. But everything else, YES!!!:yes: :yes:
  5. Not yet..but I could easily be!!
    :smile: I'm searching for the perfect scarf right now :smile:
  6. I recently went to the Boston store for the first time, although I've purchased from the store and e-bay before...but just GOING there makes me want more and more!! Never done.....never quite content....always more to want lol!
  7. Hermes withdrawals? You bet! I'm tempted all the time it fact just today I was tempted and had to but the breaks on hard!

    It's no walk in the park to be an Hermes addict.....
  8. My poor DD, we went to Vegas recently and he made sure we were there before Hermes fact he does that at BH too. He's all...gotta be there early, might find that bag on display.

    He really is the best....enabler
  9. Uh, not really.............I'm there so much, I think they're sick of me. They threatened to charge me rent the next time I show up.
  10. ^^^ LOL!!! You could just room with Shopmom!
  11. No need to move in, I live in the neighborhood. Hmmm, I could visit Shopmom when she moves in.

  12. I meant DH not DD.....don't have one of
  13. Hey I'll share my pad with you any day HG! LOL.....thank GOD I don't live in NY. I would be so, so, so broke! I'd be BEYOND broke.....

    .....but I'd have lots of Hermes stuff!
  14. The beauty of having the flagship store in your neighborhood is that it allows you to be picky. So if I don't see exactly what I want, I'll wait. My SA says I have good "H" vibes. When I'm ready to get a bag, I give him the exact specs, and I've usually gotten it within days, sometimes hours.
  15. i will need your karma/H-vibe on speed dial when i'm ready. :tender:
    if this were compared to an infamous seinfeld episode called "the content" i would win hands down (pardon the pun). if they could bottle my discipline i would make a fortune, and then run to hermes with it and plop it down on the counter and buy buy buy (so much for discipline). :graucho: